Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023: Pakistan Railways is one of the largest employers in the country, providing employment opportunities to a large number of individuals. It is essential for employees to know their salary details, including salary slips pdf download and other benefits. In this article, we will discuss the salary slip of Pak Railways for 2023 in detail.

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023

Sr.#Name of PostPay ScaleSalary
1.Sub Engineers BPS-11 Rs 12570 to Rs 38970
2.Assistant Driver BPS-09 Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
3.ASI Officer BPS-09 Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
4.Railway Guards BPS-09 Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
5.Cabin Man BPS-08 Rs 11380 to 31480
6.Pointsman BPS-05 Rs 10260 to Rs 25260
7.Gateman BPS-02 Rs 9310 to Rs 19210

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Allowances and Deductions 2023

Here is a table that contains the allowances and deductions that are part of the Pakistan Railways salary slip for 2023:

Travel AllowanceIncome Tax
House Rent AllowanceProvident Fund
Conveyance AllowanceInsurance
Medical AllowanceGroup Life Insurance
Other AllowancesOther Deductions

Main Components of the Salary Slip 2023

The salary slip of Pakistan Railways 2023 contains the following information:

  • Basic Pay: This is the fixed amount that an employee receives as their regular salary.
  • Allowances: Allowances are the additional amount that an employee receives on top of their basic pay. These can include travel allowances, house rent allowances, and others.
  • Deductions: Deductions are amounts that are subtracted from an employee’s salary. This can include taxes, insurance, and other deductions.
  • Net Pay: This is the final amount that an employee receives after deducting all deductions from the total salary.

How to Download Pak Railway Salary Slip 2023?

  1. Go to the official website of Pakistan Railways: You can access the official website of Pakistan Railways by typing “” into your web browser.
Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023
  1. Log in to the Employee Portal: Once you are on the home page of the Pakistan Railways website, look for the “Employee Login” or “Salary Slip” section. Enter your employee login credentials, such as your username and password, to access the employee portal.
  2. Find the Salary Slip option: Once you have logged into the employee portal, look for the option to view or download your salary slip. This may be located under the “Salary” or “Payroll” section.
  3. Download the Salary Slip: After you have found the salary slip option, click on it to view your salary slip for the current or previous month. You can then download or save a copy of your salary slip by clicking on the “Download” or “Save” button.

Note: The exact process of downloading the salary slip may vary based on the specific policies and procedures of Pakistan Railways. If you encounter any issues, you may contact the HR department of Pakistan Railways for assistance.


In conclusion, the salary slip of Pakistan Railways 2023 is an important document for employees as it provides them with complete information about their earnings and deductions. Understanding the different components of the salary slip and how they are calculated can help employees make informed decisions about their finances. By staying informed and regularly checking their salary slip, employees can ensure that their salaries are being paid accurately and that all deductions are being made properly.

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