What is Tosha khana in Pakistan?

What is Tosha khana in Pakistan?

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What is Tosha khana in Pakistan? Tosha Khana is a term that is often heard in Pakistan, but not many people are aware of its true meaning and purpose. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on what Tosha Khana is, its history, and its importance in Pakistan.

What is Tosha khana in Pakistan?

Tosha Khana is a Persian term that translates to “Treasure House.” In Pakistan, Tosha Khana is the name given to a facility that is used for storing valuables such as gold, silver, jewelry, and other precious items. The Tosha Khanas in Pakistan are owned and operated by the federal and provincial governments.

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History of Tosha Khana

The concept of Tosha Khana dates back to the Mughal Era, when the emperors used to store their wealth and treasures in these facilities. During that time, Tosha Khanas were also used for storing weapons and armaments, which were considered to be a part of the emperor’s treasure.

With the passage of time, the British rulers in India also started using Tosha Khanas for storing their valuables. After the partition of India in 1947, the Tosha Khanas in Pakistan was established to continue this tradition of storing national treasures and valuables.

Importance of Tosha Khana

Tosha Khanas hold significant importance in Pakistan, both in terms of their historical significance and their practical use. These facilities are used for storing important documents, precious items, and other valuables that are of national importance. They are also used for storing items that are seized by law enforcement agencies during raids and investigations.

Tosha Khanas are also used for storing national treasures such as crown jewels, which are considered to be the property of the state. These treasures are often put on display during national events and exhibitions.

Some of the items stored in Tosha Khana

GoldBars, coins, and other gold products
SilverBars, coins, and other silver products
JewelryPrecious stones, diamonds, and pearls
DocumentsImportant legal and historical papers
ArtifactsRare and ancient artifacts
ArmamentsGuns, rifles, and other weapons
What is Tosha khana in Pakistan?


In conclusion, Tosha Khana is an important facility in Pakistan that is used for storing valuables and national treasures. These facilities have a rich history and are considered to be an important part of Pakistan’s cultural heritage. Tosha Khanas play a crucial role in safeguarding national treasures and important documents, and their significance cannot be overstated.

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