Who is Rao Yasir?: PTI Haqeeqi Chairman

Who is Rao Yasir?: PTI Haqeeqi Chairman

PTI Haqeeqi Chairman: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Haqiqi has emerged as a result of several PTI leaders parting ways with the party in response to the violence that occurred on May 9.

Rao Yasir, the Chairman of PTI Haqiqi and former president of PTI Multan district Youth Wing, expressed strong disapproval of the misguided decisions that have placed the country in a precarious situation.

PTI Haqeeqi Chairman

Yasir emphasized the vital role of the Pakistan Army as the guardian of the nation’s borders and security. He revealed that security institutions had informed Imran Khan about the alleged corruption involving Bushra Bibi and Buzdar.

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He lamented the circumstances that led the youth to resort to attacking sensitive installations, stating, “The youth were driven to such a point that they targeted installations belonging to critical institutions.”

Rao strongly condemned the events of May 9 and called for the perpetrators to be held accountable and duly punished.

“On the occasion of Martyrs’ Day, I hereby declare the establishment of PTI Haqiqi,” declared Rao Yasir.

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