Assistant Commissioner Salary in Pakistan, Scale 2022

Assistant Commissioner Salary in Pakistan, Scale 2022

What is Assistant Commissioner Salary in Pakistan, Scale, Protocol, and facilities in 2022? PMS and CSS AC officer pay scale is bps-17. Assistant Commissioners are often also known as Deputy District officers. They perform the tasks of the Revenue Administration with regard to their official assignments.

Assistant Commissioner Salary in Pakistan 2022

Assistant commissioner (AC (BS-17), their minimum basic salary in Pakistan is Rs. 45,070, and their maximum basic pay & salary is Rs. 113,470 and these AC officers are getting an annual increment of the amount of Rs 3,420 every year

AC stands for in Pakistan:

  • Assistant Commissioner (AC) BPS-17


Assistant Commissioner AC is one of the top posts in the government of Pakistan, with a BS-17 grade. This is a great post with many benefits and facilities and pays scale allowances after doing CSS and PMS.

Assistant Commissioner’s minimum basic pay scale is Rs. 45,070 and the maximum is Rs. 113,470. The government provides many benefits and allowances to Assistant Commissioner BS-17 grade post. The Assistant Commissioner receives an increment (December) of Rs. 3,420 each year. The government also provides medical allowances, residence, official vehicle, security staff, travel allowances, and personal employees at Assistant Commissioner Residence.

  • Basic salary: 45,070
  • House rent: 16000
  • Conveyance allowance: 8000
  • Medical: 1847
  • Fix allowance: 7000
  • performance allowance: 18000
  • Adhoc relief 2022: 4500
  • Gross Salary: 105,000+

Other benefits, like a driver, a car & fuel, a house, and a utility allowance.

The monthly salary for an Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan is PKR 105,000 per month.

Job Description of Assistant Commissioner(AC):

Assistant Commissioners are a highly ranked post in the government therefore they are responsible for the country’s (Pakistan) peace, calmness, harmony, rules, laws, and regulations, controlling the price, wheat procurement, and managing disaster situations.

They are also responsible to monitor and handle educational institutes, hospitals, and health units. Assistant Commissioner has concerned to handle all aspects within his/her region.

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