(PM Bila Sood Qarza) Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022

(PM Bila Sood Qarza) Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022

(Bila Sood Qarza) Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022 complete method is available on this page. Here find the Prime Minister without Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022 Qarz E Hasna Scheme 2022 Registration Online and how to apply online, last date.

The Prime minister of Pakistan launches the “Prime Minister’s Youth Program” for the youngsters of this country. This youth program will help the poor and talented students to earn good opportunities for employment, acquire skills needed for the job, job training, and use computers. This youth program will ultimately lead to the development of the economy of Pakistan.

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(PM Bila Sood Qarza) Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022

Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022

:نمایاں خصوصیات اور اہلیت کا معیار

PM Bila Sood Qarza

You can apply in PM’s Scheme for Provision of Qarze Hasana as per the eligibility criteria mentioned above. The Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022 federal cabinet has already given approval to all these initiatives. All arrangements for the implementation of these programs have been completed.

The Qarze Hasana program will be completed on a merit basis and transparent. Therefore only eligible candidates should apply for this program. The Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022 government of Pakistan will announce the registration procedure with application forms after 2019. Here on this page, you will soon be updated with the application process and registration forms will be available on this website.

Kamyab Jawan program.gov.pk Online Registration

Before jumping into the Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022 Online Registration form read the loan payment details; there’re three categories of providing loans in the Bila Sood Qarza Scheme which is below;

  • 3% markup on the range of 100,000 to 1 million PKR.
  • 4% markup in the range of 1 Million to 10 Million PKR.
  • 5% markup on the range of up to 25 Million PKR.

PM Loan Scheme

PM Loan Scheme

These loans will be given on the basis of money and the duration will be 8 Years. The procedure of your application will be done in 15 Days. 


PM Bila Sood Qarza

Prime Minister Interest-Free Loan Scheme 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced an interest-free loan of around 1 million to small business persons. Within few days they will announce the procedure of the application submission. When they will announce we will share it with the audience. Further Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022, this is most beneficial for those people who want to start a business but due to lack of money, they do not start. When they will issue the application submission then we will share it with the audience.

Eligibility Criteria:

Those aspirants whose poverty score is between 18.5 to 40 can apply for the interest-free loan scheme. Those aspirants having an 18.5 poverty score and who received loans under BISP can also apply. Preference for these loans will be given to the areas and districts where microfinance beneficiaries are as low as 12%. Loans will be provided without any gender discrimination. Almost 50% of loans will be provided to female borrowers under Prime Minister Interest-Free Loan Scheme. Mark up rate is 0% and candidates have 3 years’ time to return this loan.

Registration Form:

Aspirants will be allowed to Prime Minister Interest-Free Loan Scheme Registration Form Free Download online form to apply for this scheme. Forms will also be available at the union councils of each district too. The Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022 maximum loan that a person can get under PM interest-free loan scheme is 50,000 rupee. This scheme is working under the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and Prime Minister Youth Program. The last date to apply for this scheme has not been declared yet.

Loan Detail:

Number of LoansWill Announce Soon
Average loanWill Announce Soon
No of District CoveredWill Announce Soon
No of the Union councils coveredWill Announce Soon
Mark Rate0%
PM Bila Sood Qarza
Brief descriptionQarz-e-Hasana (microfinance) facility aimed at helping the industry raise the current access level of 2.5 million people to 5.0 million in the next 5 years.
Eligibility criteriaVulnerable rural and urban poor with a poverty score of up to 40
Focus on women50% of loans will go to women borrowers.
Geographical spreadAll Pakistan, preferably limited and un-served areas.
PricingIt is Qarz-e-Hasana and will not carry any mark-up.
Size and number of loans250,000 loans of Rs.25,000 average
Government Grant 2019Rs.3.5 billion.
Executing agencyPPAF through enlisted partner organizations and community organizations having the necessary expertise and experience.
RecyclingBorrowers will be encouraged to return the loan that will go back to permanent funds available to the community for future lending. Fund will also educate the borrowers to convert from being “takers” to “givers” so that the fund will continue to grow.
PM Bila Sood Qarza

Registration Last Date of PM Bila Sood Qarza

Till now they have not announced the last date of application submission because everyone wants to take the loan and start a business. When they will release the advertisement then properly issue the last date of the application submission. Keep in touch with this page for the Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022 information about the last date.

Prime Minister Interest Free Loan Scheme 2018 Registration Form Free Download Last Date

You can take the complete information regarding Prime Minister Interest-Free Loan Scheme 2022 Registration Form is available. On the other hand, the department is working on this project under the supervision of the Prime Minister. In addition, they will launch this scheme in the Interest Free Loan Scheme in Pakistan 2022 month of August 2022. Unemployed people can take the benefits and complete their dream with the help of the government.

  • Interest free Ehsaas trust loans for income generating micro-enterprises
  • Funding through Federal & Provincial Governments
  • Allocation of Rs. 5 billion additional Funds for FY 2019-20 by Federal Government
  • Ehsaas Loan Program size upto Rs. 75,000 (Average Loan size; Rs. 30,0000)
  • Business advisory services and linkages with MFIs, MFBs & Banks
Features of Interest Free Loan Program
PM Bila Sood Qarza


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