Cause of Strike in Lahore Karachi on 27 Feb 2023?

Cause of Strike in Karachi on 27 Feb 2023?

Cause of Strike in Lahore Karachi on 27 Feb 2023?: According to a news channel called PreparationPoint, Tehreek Labaik Pakistan (TLP) has declared that there will be a countrywide strike on February 27 in protest against the recent hike in petroleum prices. The TLP leader, Saad Hussain Rizvi, along with another senior member of the party, made the announcement in a video message.

Earlier this month, on February 17, TLP gave the federal government a 72-hour “ultimatum” to withdraw the recent increase in petroleum prices, warning of serious consequences if the prices were not lowered. The deadline has now passed, and the TLP alleges that the government has failed to listen to the demands of the people.

Strike in Lahore Karachi on 27 Feb 2023

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The TLP has urged the public to support their cause and participate in the strike. The government had increased the prices of petrol and diesel by up to Rs22.20 and Rs17.20 per litre, respectively, on February 23rd. This hike in prices has come at a time when inflation is already high, and the country is struggling to cope with an economic crisis.

Tomorrow School and Collages open or closed on 27 Feb 2023?

There is no official notification by Government officials of Schools and Collages on 27 February 2023

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