Earthquake in Lahore Today In Pakistan 2023

Earthquake in Lahore Today In Pakistan

On January 4, 2023, an earthquake occurred in Lahore, Pakistan, causing widespread damage and panic among residents at approx 03:04 PM (PST) on Wednesday the epic center was in the middle of Sheikhupura and Lahore

Earthquake in Lahore Today In Pakistan 2023

Earthquake Magnitude and Impact

Less than 3.5Usually not felt, but recorded
3.5-5.4Often felt, but only minor damage
5.5-6.0Slight damage to buildings and other structures
6.1-6.9May cause a lot of damage in very populated areas
7.0-7.9A major earthquake can cause serious damage over larger areas
8.0 or greaterA great earthquake can cause serious damage in areas several hundred miles across

As seen in the table above, the earthquake that occurred in Lahore today was a major earthquake, with the potential to cause serious damage over a large area.

Emergency Response and Relief Efforts

The Lahore district administration has mobilized rescue and relief efforts, with teams working to assist those affected by the earthquake. The Pakistan Army and Pakistan Rangers have also been called in to help with rescue and relief operations. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is coordinating the response and providing assistance to those in need.

If you have been affected by the earthquake in Lahore and require assistance, please contact the NDMA at 111-157-157 or visit their website at for more information on how to get help.

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