Fact Check: Truth Behind Maleeka Bokhari Viral Video

Fact Check: Truth Behind Maleeka Bokhari Viral Video

Truth Behind Maleeka Bokhari Viral Video. Maleeka Bokhari, a former lawmaker and legal spokesperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has recently become the target of deep fake propaganda. Video clips of a woman in a compromising position have surfaced online, and it is being alleged that the woman in the video is Maleeka Bokhari.

The video has been shared on various social media platforms, and people are discussing it extensively. The woman in the video is seen wearing a revealing dress and using her seductive charm.

Truth Behind Maleeka Bokhari Viral Video

The official handle of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has accused the ruling PML-N of spreading fake propaganda. They have tweeted that social media accounts linked to PML-N are responsible for sharing the video and attributing it to Maleeka Bokhari. They have clarified that the woman in the video is actually an Indian model, and it is a character assassination campaign by PDM and its supporters.

There have been instances where politicians’ reputation has been tainted by manipulated clips, pictures, and audio recordings. The blame game between the government and the opposition has been going on, but leaks and propaganda seem to have discredited both sides.

Twitter trends for “Maleeka Bokhari Viral Video”

#WestandwithMaleekaBokhari is today on Twitter’s top trends for PTI and Maleeka Bokhari Supporters. Some of these trends are shared below:

Last year, there were a lot of audio leaks, including adult conversations, which have made social media users skeptical about such schemes to malign politicians. Some left-wing supporters believe that foreign agencies are behind these campaigns. However, the fact that no action has been taken by the administration for months shows their incompetence in handling the situation.

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