Finland Talent Boost Program 2023: Apply Online

Finland Talent Boost Program 2023: Apply Online

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Finland Talent Boost Program 2023: Migration and the mobility of international talent are becoming increasingly important for Finland’s well-being and competitiveness. Reports indicate that the availability of talent is one of the major obstacles to growth and internationalization for companies and organizations in the country.

Finland’s working-age population is declining, and immigration is the main source of population growth. Without sufficient immigration, there will be a significant decline in the labor supply, employment rate, and overall sustainability gap. Finland competes globally to attract the best talent.

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What is Finland Talent Boost Program 2023?

Finnish companies require skilled employees, especially those with specialized skills that are currently unavailable in the country. By attracting skilled labor from abroad, Finland can strengthen its innovation capacity on an international level and attract foreign investment. This, in turn, will create new job opportunities and help Finnish companies expand their global presence

Program Objectives

  1. Establishing Finland as an internationally attractive destination for work, study, research, and investment.
  2. Encouraging employers to actively recruit international talent and creating the necessary conditions to do so.
  3. Leveraging the expertise of international specialists to drive the internationalization and rejuvenation of Finnish companies and organizations.

Program Measures

  1. Accelerating the residence permit process for work or study-related applications to one month and introducing a two-week fast track for specialists, growth entrepreneurs, and their family members.
  2. Implementing measures to attract and retain international talent, as well as providing support for their families to settle in Finland.
  3. Advancing the employment opportunities for international students and researchers.
  4. Establishing a model for international recruitment.
  5. Utilizing international talent to attract investments and support the growth and internationalization of companies and research and development activities.
  6. Combating the exploitation of foreign labor.
  7. Enhancing workplace receptiveness and diversity.


In conclusion, the Finland Talent Boost Program 2023 is a comprehensive initiative aimed at attracting international talent to Finland. By applying online and filling out the application form, you can express your interest in participating in the program and contributing to Finland’s economic growth, innovation, and internationalization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a vibrant and diverse working environment and make a valuable contribution to Finland’s success on the global stage. Apply now for Finland Talent Boost Program 2023 and take the first step towards a rewarding professional journey in Finland.

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