Gold Leaf Cigarette Pack Expected to Exceed Rs. 800 in Pakistan

Gold Leaf Cigarette Pack Expected to Exceed Rs. 800 in Pakistan

Latest Gold Leaf Cigarette Prices 2023: The government has targeted the Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) sector as a means of generating higher revenue, leading to increased taxes on cigarettes. The recent implementation of a 153 percent Federal Excise Duty (FED) rate on cigarettes produced by legitimate companies will result in a staggering 250 percent price increase. In addition to the significant hike in cigarette prices, the supplementary finance bill presented in parliament today proposes an increase in sales tax.

This, combined with the excise duty, will likely further fuel the business of illicit cigarettes that do not contribute to the national exchequer. It is worth noting that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) recently announced a FED increase on expensive cigarette brands from Rs6.5 per cigarette to Rs16.5, representing a 153 percent increase.

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For less expensive brands, the per-stick increase is from Rs2.55 to Rs5.05, representing a 98 percent increase. Sources suggest that the government may increase cigarette prices even more in the coming months.

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