How to prepare for MBBS 1st year exam Pakistan?

How to prepare for MBBS 1st year exam Pakistan? Remember when you were all excited about your admission to med school? A lot has happened this year, and you have spent hours in the dissection hall learning the anatomy of upper and lower limb muscle by muscle and nerve by nerve. You have also been very keen to learn about how the body works, and I am sure the cardiovascular system has given you some primary tachycardia.

And just when you thought that nothing else is left to study, you are instantly given Harper’s to learn about lipids, fats, and proteins. The time flew, and right when you thought you had finally adjusted to your new life, preps hit. And now you have no option left but to spend the whole day in the library to prepare for your 1st professional exams.

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MBBS 1st year exam Pakistan

How to prepare for MBBS 1st year exam Pakistan?

But in this tough time, we are here to help you out and design a manageable schedule that will help you ace your exams while maintaining some of your sanity. So before further ado, let’s get started.

The first thing you need to do is divide your days and start studying one subject at a time. For instance, if your first exam is of anatomy, utilize the last ten or fifteen days of your preps for checking it. And if your previous exam is in Physiology, start studying it first.

But why study physiology first? Physiology is all about concepts. It would be best to get the hang of many pictures from each chapter to ace your exam. Guyton works just fine, but if you haven’t touched your books the whole year, past papers and Firdous are your best friends.

I am sure you have learned a handful of things from FSC books for Biochemistry. If not, you might be in trouble. The MBBS 1st year exam Pakistan central portion of the biochemistry paper is based on three chapters; carbohydrates, fats, and lipids. And as easy as they may seem, you need to have excellent cramming skills to pass your professional. Nonetheless, 7 to 8 days are enough to prepare. My book of choice would be Harper’s but go for Satya or Lippincott if the wording is challenging for you. Focus on past papers first and then study the rest for a general overview.

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Last but not least, anatomy. If you haven’t studied anatomy the whole year, now is not the time to look at Grey’s anatomy. It would help if you opted for a short book like B.D. Chourasia must keep an atlas at hand for learning the basics.

The upper limb is a bit tricky and consumes more days. The lower limb is relatively easy and finishes somewhat lesser days. For thorax, you need three days to prepare it very well. Again, focus on past papers and past MCQs for MBBS 1st year exam Pakistan. Buy yourself past topical MCQs book to practice at the end of the day when you are done studying the relevant topic.

You have passed matric and FSC and not to mention MBBS 1st year exam Pakistan for MCAT. The first professional exam might seem scary, but it’s nothing. You need to keep calm and trust the creator. Be confident but not too over-confident, and you will be able to do just fine!

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