(Draw List) Prize Bond Schedule 2023 – 2024 from Jan to Dec: Rs. 750 1500 200 and 100

Prize Bond Schedule 2023 from Jan to Dec

NBP Draw list of Prize Bond Schedule 2023 from Jan to Dec of Rs 100, 200, 750, 1500, 25000, and 40000 bond lists.  National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond draw Schedule for the year 2023 by Banks starts from 16 January 2023 till 15 December 2023.

Rs. 750/-16 January 2023MondayKarachi
Rs. 1500/-15 February 2023WednesdayQuetta
Rs. 1500/-15 February 2023WednesdayRawalpindi
Rs. 40,000/-10 March 2023FridayMultan
Rs. 25,000/-10 March 2023FridayHyderabad
Rs. 200/-15 March 2023WednesdayFaisalabad
Rs. 750/-17 April 2023MondayPeshawar
Rs. 1500/-15 May 2023MondayLahore
Rs. 100/-15 May 2023MondayMultan
Rs. 40,000/-12 June 2023MondayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 25,000/-12 June 2023MondayFaisalabad
Rs. 200/-15 June 2023ThursdayQuetta
Rs. 750/-17 July 2023MondayRawalpindi
Rs. 1500/-15 August 2023TuesdayPeshawar
Rs. 100/-15 August 2023TuesdayKarachi
Rs. 40,000/-11 September 2023MondayQuetta
Rs. 25,000/-11 September 2023MondaySialkot
Rs. 200/-15 September 2023FridayHyderabad
Rs. 750/-16 October 2023MondayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 1500/-15 November 2023WednesdayFaisalabad
Rs. 100/-15 November 2023WednesdayLahore
Rs. 40,000/-11 December 2023MondayKarachi 
Rs. 25,000/-11 December 2023MondayRawalpindi
Rs. 200/-15 December 2023FridayMultan

In addition to the monthly Prize Bond draws for the denomination of 100, National Savings Pakistan also holds quarterly draws for the denominations of 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and 40000. Here is the Prize Bond schedule for those draws in 2023.

Premium Prize Bonds List of Rs 40000 and Rs 25000 Draw Schedule 2023

DATEDRs 40000 Draw PlaceRs 25000 Draw Place
10-03-2023 FridayMultanHyderabad
12-06-2023 MondayMuzaffarabadFaisalabad
11-02-2023 MondayQuettaSialkot
11-12-2023 MondayKarachiRawalpindi

Download Online Latest Prize Bond Schedule for the year 2023 by National Savings Pakistan

You can downloads here latest prize bond schedule for the year 2023.

Prize Bond Schedule 2023 2024 Draw List PDF:

The 25000 prize bond schedule 2023 by National Savings is not included in this official gazette, as the Govt of Pakistan has decided to discontinue this denomination. After a few months, this 25000 Prize Bond Schedule 2023 will be added to the premium 25000 prize bond, which will be only sold on the CNIC via registered banks.

New Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023 National Savings of Pakistan 2023. New Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023.

Prize Bond draws are held every quarterly. According to the Prize Bond Schedule this year, the Prize Bond Draw is held in different cities in Pakistan. Every Prize Bond has several prizes for Denominations of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000, and Premium Bond.

So thanks for all of us visiting our site Preparationpoint.info because our team is always ready and busy to provide the latest prize bond draws and upcoming year’s Prize Bond Schedule 2023 to 2024 and new coming prize bonds of this season you can every time check here online on Preparation Point each draw of prize bonds is issuing by the National Savings Pakistan

Schedule of Prize Bonds Draw 2023

The Prize Bond Schedule 2023 has been announced by National Savings Pakistan. Prize Bond drawings are held quarterly. The draw was held in various cities throughout Pakistan, according to the Prize Bond Schedule. Prize Bonds are available in denominations of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000, and Premium Bond. The 2023 Prize Bond Schedule, from January 2023 to December 2023, is provided on this page.

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