Class 10 Quaid e Azam Essay in English

Class 10 Quaid e Azam Essay in English with Headings, poetry and quotations shared by Preparation Point website. This is a medium length English essay on ‘Quaid-e-Azam’ His real name was Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He is the Founder of Pakistan. This essay is best for 10th class and 2nd year students. Quaid-e-Azam is my hero in history and my national hero.

Class 10 Quaid e Azam Essay in English
Quaid e Azam Essay in English

Outline for Quaid e Azam Essay in English

1. Introduction

  • History is a record of great men
  • Quaid-e-Azam is my hero in history

2. Educational career of Quaid-e-Azam

  • Life and education
  • Education in England

3. Return to Pakistan

  • Practice of law
  • Joining congress

4. Work for the Muslim League

  • Work for newly born Pakistan
  • Personality and character

5. Conclusion

Quaid e Azam Essay in English

Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Jinnah is that the founding father of Pakistan. He was an excellent leader of the Sub-continent. He was born in urban center on twenty fifth of December, 1876. His father Mr. Poonja Jinnah was a celebrated businessman. His mother was additionally an informed woman. He was the eldest son of his parents.

Poonja Jinnah gave his son a decent education. At the age of sixteen, he was sent to European country for learning law by his father. He verified himself over there an industrious and honest student. He studied law at Lincoln’ hotel and did his Bar-at-Law from there. He came to his state when four years and discovered as a professional in urban center. He shortly became a made lawyer. in 1900 he was appointed adjudicator for Bombay Presidency.

Quaid-e-Azam had started taking interest in politics throughout his keep in London. So, he left his follow of law and joined the Indian National Congress. He needed to unite the Hindus and also the Muslims against the English. however he felt that the Hindus Leaders were attempting to safeguard their own interests. He determined to hitch the All Indian Muslim League.

He worked for a separate state for the Muslims. He conferred his demands of the Muslims of Republic of India in his fourteen points. These demands were rejected by the Congress. however he failed to lose heart. He was a person of sturdy can. He had to face an outsized range of hardships but he remained firm to his stand. The Muslim League passed a resolution exigent a separate homeland for the Muslims. there have been several difficulties in his method but he ne’er thought-about them a hindrance in his thanks to progress. He was as firm as a rock and continually showed strong will at all occasions.

Quaid-e-Azam was a really nice orator. throughout his struggle for West Pakistan, he had to create tons of speeches. He delivered his speeches very effectively. He mentioned all the vital aspects of the topic in his speeches. once he spoke within the Constituent Assembly, he discussed its functions clearly. when an extended struggle, his efforts were topped with success. The dream of Pakistan became a reality on the ordinal of August 1947. He became the first Governor -General of Pakistan. He worked very exhausting for the progress of the country.

Quaid-e-Azam was a thin and lean man however he had great qualities of head and heart. He was an excellent politician. He was stalwart and fearless. He was a person of principle. He was a peaceful person. He continually needed to examine West Pakistan prosperous and powerful. He gave us the message of unity, discipline, and faith. He worked day and night with determination. His health unsuccessful and he died on the eleventh of September, 1948. however his services for the Muslims of landmass can keep him alive in our hearts. currently we have a tendency to are obliged to figure hard, serve Pakistan and to impart God.

Independence & Resolution:

The Muslim League wrote the Pakistan Resolution in Lahore in 1940, which was declared the backbone of the struggle for an independent Pakistan.

He sacrificed not for his business for the entire Muslim Nation but the Pakistan Resolution. His health was deteriorating day by day as he worked day and night.

His aggressive leadership and vigorous efforts resulted in Pakistan’s creation on August 14, 1947.

August 15, 1947, marked the first day of the rise of the independent state of Pakistan under Quaid-e-Azam. The new responsibilities were like a bed of thrones to him.

Jinnah is regarded as Pakistan’s founding father, a man devoted to safeguarding Muslim interests during the dying days of the British Raj. Most of the Pakistanis take Jinnah as a hero and an inspiration.

A Statesman:

If Jinnah’s stay in London was the sowing phase, the first decade in Bombay after returning from England was the germination stage, and the next decade (1906-1916) was the vintage stage; this was also the period of ideological thinking, as he was a romantic both in personal and political life. Jinnah came out of his shell. 

The limelight shone on him; he was blossoming as a lawyer and a politician. As a political child during the first decade of the century, Jinnah had become a political giant when Gandhi returned to India from South Africa. 

Since his early years in London, Jinnah has been fascinated by the world of politics. He was deeply impressed by Dadabhai, a Parsi from Bombay. 

When Jinnah returned to India, he entered the world of politics as a Liberal nationalist and joined the Congress Party despite his father’s anger at him leaving the family business. 

Jinnah attended the 20th annual session of the Congress in Bombay for the first time in December 1904. 

It was presided over by Pherozshah Mehta, a great admirer of Jinnah. Mehta suggested that two of his disciples be sent to London as Congress deputies at that time to observe the political arena there. 

A. Jinnah and Gopal Krishna Gokhale, whose wisdom and moderation he also admired, were his choices for the job.

Although he struggled with tuberculosis over the years, he never let it become a vulnerability, and he died on September 11, 1948, just 13 months after our motherland was created.

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