RDA Approved Societies Lists 2022

Ever think of some of the best RDA Approved Societies Lists 2022 inside Rawalpindi and Islamabad? Learn more about the details of “RDA Approved Housing Societies 2022.” Real estate involves a lot of terminologies and attributes, including the NOC (No Objection Certificate) provided by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). Several housing societies in the vicinity of the twin cities might attract you as one of the best real estate investments.

The Land Regulatory Authorities provide official portals and the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) for reading more about the RDA Approved Housing Societies 2022. The housing societies given below are secured for investment and future development.

Some of the best housing societies approved by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) are given below.

RDA Approved Societies Lists 2022 .

Housing Society NameCityTotal-Land (Kanals)Status
Airport Green GardenRawalpindi4083.01Approved
Al-Harram City, Phase-IRawalpindi759.23Approved
Al-Shifa Cooperative Housing SchemeRawalpindi206Approved
Army Welfare Housing Scheme (Defence-I)Rawalpindi6826Approved
Bahria Golf CityMurree3042.15Approved
Bahria ParadiseRawalpindi164.64Approved
Bahria Town (Phase – VIII)Rawalpindi5954.8Approved
Bahria Town (Phase-I, II&III (Partially)Rawalpindi2368.14Approved
Banker CityRawalpindi152Approved
Bostan Avenue Housing ProjectRawalpindi312.87Approved
Capital Smart CityRawalpindi7376.45Approved
CBR, Cooperative SocietyRawalpindi1127Approved
Clifton TownRawalpindi700Approved
Commoner Sky Gardens Housing Scheme, Murree Pvt. Ltd.Murree3100Approved
Doctor’s Cooperative Housing SocietyRawalpindi387.43Approved
Dream valleyMurree716Approved
Eastridge Housing SchemeRawalpindi391.59Approved
Elite Reverie Housing Scheme Elite Estates Pvt. Ltd.Rawalpindi4839Approved
Engineers CooperativeTaxilaApproved
Faisal HillsTaxila11823.5Approved
Faisal Margalla CityTaxila671.41Approved
Faisal TownRawalpindi4735.9Approved
Federation of Railway Employees & others Cooperate Housing SocietyRawalpindi183.54Approved
Fizaia Housing SchemeRawalpindi466.36Approved
Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyRawalpindi1638.5Approved
Gandhara CityRawalpindi393Approved
Garden VillasRawalpindi1342.5Approved
Golden Jubilee Cooperative Housing SocietyRawalpindi291Approved
Gulshan-e-Abad Cooperative Housing SocietyTaxila2500Approved
Gulshan-e-Sehat (Health Employees Cooperative Housing Society) (Record received from District Council)RawalpindiApproved
Judicial Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyRawalpindi305.87Approved
Kehkashan TownTaxilaApproved
Khudadad CityRawalpindi1350Approved
Kohistan EnclaveRawalpindi99.5Approved
Kohsar View Housing ProjectRawalpindi600Approved
Lake Vista Residential (Rawal City)Taxila160Approved
Lawyers Cooperative Housing SocietyTaxila591Approved
Marble ArchRawalpindi1278.75Approved
Multi Garden HouseTaxila19263.4Approved
Mumtaz CityRawalpindi3328.79Approved
Municipal Corporation Co-operative Housing Scheme (Sector A&B)Rawalpindi756.8Approved
Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyMurree8000Approved
Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyRawalpindi890Approved
Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyRawalpindi3489.29Approved
Pakistan Government Employees Housing SchemeRawalpindi330.92Approved
PARC Cooperative Housing SchemeRawalpindi501.7Approved
PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society.Rawalpindi1212Approved
Qurtaba City Madinat Ul Islam, Qurtaba City R-5 Road, Block K, Qurtaba City: Motorway Chakri Interchange, P.O Kolian Hameed, Tehsil Distt. Rwp.Rawalpindi3444Approved
Rabia BangalowsRawalpindi52.2Approved
Rabia ResidencyRawalpindi314Approved
Rwp Railway Employees Cooperate Housing SocietyRawalpindi357.43Approved
Rehber ColonyRawalpindi175Approved
Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyRawalpindi3518.45Approved
Safari Valley (Bahria Town Ph-VIII)Rawalpindi6181.08Approved
Safari Villas-I,Rawalpindi562.5Approved
Safari Villas-IIRawalpindi310.75Approved
Sanober CityRawalpindi407.35Approved
Shalimar TownRawalpindi915.8Approved
Silver CityRawalpindi 261Approved
T&T Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyRawalpindi367Approved
Taj Residencia (Extension)Rawalpindi1907Approved
Taj ResidenciaRawalpindi224.7Approved
Tarnol Housing SchemeRawalpindi3828Approved
The Organic FarmsRawalpindi0Approved
Top City – IRawalpindi9081Approved
University TownRawalpindi3559Approved
Up-Country Enclosure Housing SocietyRawalpindi2014.42Approved
Veterans cooperative Housing scheme (Received from District Council)Taxila974Approved
Work, No words Cooperative Housing Society (Gulshan-e-Fatima)Rawalpindi279Approved
RDA Approved Societies Lists 2022


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How to check the approved housing society by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority)

• To check RDA approved societies 2022, go to RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) Website at – https://rda.gop.pk/.

• You would select the “Approved Housing Schemes” from the menu tab.

• Approved Housing Schemes would take you to https://rda.gop.pk/housing-societies-2/. 

• There would be details related to “Know Status of Housing Society.”

• You can also search the name of the housing society or project inside the “Search Bar.”

• The filter options are given as Name Scheme, Location, Current Status, and Map.

• Several pages can be accessed by clicking on the Next or Back Button given at the end of the same page. You can also select number-wise as per your convenience.

 Importance of Approved Housing Society

One of the essential things to look into before buying any plot for sale in Rawalpindi is the legal NOC (No Objection Certificate) of the housing society. There are several eco-friendly, sustainable, and modernized housing societies, but you would need to consult with an expert and ask for transparent information before you struck the deal.

A NOC(No Objection Certificate) justifies any housing society’s legal existence and development. A housing society that has a NOC (No Objection Certificate) under process or seems to be denied by the relevant authority regarding NOC (No Objection Certificate) should not be chased further. Your investment needs to be secured in an approved housing society with a legal NOC(No Objection Certificate) finalized by the development authority.

How to invest in an approved housing society in Rawalpindi 2022

Whenever you are investing in an approved housing society in Rawalpindi, make sure you visit the site, go through all the relevant documents, the ownership history of the property, and most importantly, look at the legal NOC(No Objection Certificate) of the housing society.

While we have for you, the RDA Approved Housing Societies List in 2022.

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