UAF Past Papers Entry Test PDF 2017 – 2021

UAF Past Papers Entry Test PDF In case you’re in search of the entry take a look at past papers of the University of Agriculture city then you are at the correct place as a result of here we’ve got shared the UAF Entry take a look at Past Papers pdf transfer otherwise you will scan them online.

UAF entry test syllabus 2021 August 14, 2021


The candidates are given the question paper sheets of their chosen subjects stream along with an answer sheet (bubble sheet) carrying 100 bubbles in four groups i.e., 25 bubbles (squares) for each subject. They are required to DARK SHADE the correct choice CAREFULLY within the boundary of bubble. Calculator can be used but MUST NOT be shared with others. A candidates can leave the test hall after half time.

Please DO NOT DETACH the Bubble Sheet from the Question Paper of UAF Past Papers Entry Test PDF


Q. 1.  The children with their yellow hair screamed at the deep dome of Martian sky; here SCREAMED means

               (A) Yelled                           (B) Cried                             (C) Looked  
Q. 2. I had a vexing dream one night; here VEXING means
                (D) Pointed to
               (A) Fading                           (B) Happy                            (C) Disturbing  
Q. 3. The first Man reads a discarded newspapers; here DISCARDED means
               (D) thrilling
               (A) Decorated                     (B) Interesting                     (C) Old     

Q. 1.  One tera is equal to:
                (D) Rejected
               (A) 1010                (B) 109                                 (C) 1012                     Q. 2. The value of constant ‘γ’ for diatomic gas is:(D) 1015
               (A) 1.67                               (B) 1.29                               (C) 1.45    Q. 3. The commercial unit of electric energy is:               (D) 1.40
               (A) Kilowatt-hour               (B) Watt                              (C) Watt-hour                  (D) Kilowatt
UAF Past Papers Entry Test PDF


Q. 1.  The number of bonds in nitrogen molecule is

                (A) One sigma and one pi (B) One sigma and two pi (C) Three sigma only    (D) Two sigma and one pi

Q. 2. Orbital’s having same energy are called

               (A) Hybrid orbital’s           (B) Valence orbital’s          (C) Degenerate orbital’s    (D) D-orbital’s

Q. 3. Ionic solids are characterized by

               (A) Low melting point                                                    (B) Good conductivity in solid state

               (C) High vapour pressure                                                (D) Solubility in polar solvent


Q. 1.  Desert ecosystem of Bhakkar and Mianwali is called:   
               (A) Thar                               (B) Cholistan                      (C) Thal   
Q. 2. Each mesophyll cell of leaf has chloroplasts about  
 (D) Rohi 
               (A) 10-20                            (B) 20-100                           (C) 120-150    
Q. 3. A rye plant less than one meter tall has branch roots about: 
 (D) 250-170 
               (A)   12 million                   (B)   14 million                   (C)   16 million   (D)   18 million 
UAF Past Papers Entry Test PDF

Sample Answer (Bubble) Sheet

UAF Past Papers Entry Test PDF
UAF Past Papers Entry Test PDF

Now you’ll collect the University of Agriculture urban center UAF Past Papers Entry Test PDF Faisalabad Entry take a look at Sample Paper 2021 on-line from here. UAF has taken out the spring admissions entry test for collegian admission in Gregorian calendar month 2021 and currently it’s reaching to take the autumn admissions entry test that is anticipated within the month of August 2021. in step with UAF undergraduate admission 2021 fall criteria solely those candidates are appreciated by the admission who meet its eligibilities and additionally qualify for the entry test which is obligatory for every and each eligible candidate.

As this test has nice importance so as to take admission in UAF so is why you need to we tend to ready for this take a look at in step with University’s criteria. UAF Entry test on-line registration schedule has not been proclaimed yet. Here for your smart preparation, we are presenting you UAF entry test sample paper 2021. you’re advised and advised that you simply must prepare your entry test of UAF for fall admission from these sample papers and additionally try all the MCQs within the means these sample papers are providing you.

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