[UPDATED] HAT Test Syllabus 2023

[UPDATED] HAT Test Syllabus 2023

HEC [UPDATED] HAT Test Syllabus 2023 with full subject wise details is available on this page. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced the HAT Test schedule for Postgraduate degree admissions. After the test announcement, many candidates are looking for the HEC HAT 2023 syllabus. So, here we will tell you the complete syllabus and related details of the HECHAT 2023.

HEC HAT Test Syllabus 2023

HEC has divided the Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) syllabus into three subjects. 

  • English/Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning,

However, the distribution of marks among these three subjects varies for all HAT categories. HEC has divided the HAT test into Five categories based on the Disciplines/degrees. However, below is the complete syllabus for all HAT categories with the marks distribution for the test. However, the total marks for all HAT tests will be 100.

Test Catagory DisciplineEnglish/Verbal ReasoningAnalytical Reasoning Quantitive Reasoning Total
HAT-1Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics30%30%40%100
HAT-2Management Science, Business Education30%40%30%100
HAT-3Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Psychology (Clinical & Applied), Law40%35%25%100
HAT-4Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences, Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Education, Media & Mass Communication40%30%30%100
HAT GeneralReligious Studies (Madarassa Graduates)40%30%30%100

The “HEC Hat Test” is a syllabus used in Pakistan to assess the cognitive abilities and personality traits of individuals in various educational and occupational settings. It is administered by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, a government agency responsible for the promotion and development of higher education in the country.

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