Ramadan Calendar Burewala 2023: Today Sehri Aftari Timing

Ramadan Calendar Burewala 2023 with Today Sehri Aftari Timing. Ramadan is the holy month of fasting, prayers, and spiritual reflection for Muslims around the world. It is a time of intense devotion and discipline and is observed by millions of people around the globe. In Burewala, Pakistan, the Ramadan calendar for 2023 has been released, providing Muslims with the timings for Sehri and Aftari for each day of the holy month.

Ramadan Calendar Burewala 2023

The following table provides the Sehri and Aftari timings for each day of Ramadan in Burewala in 2023. These timings are based on the schedule released by the Burewala Islamic Society.

Ramadan Calendar Burewala 2023

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As Ramadan 2023 approaches, Muslims all around the world prepare to devote themselves to fasting and praying, seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. If you’re in Burewala, you can find the exact timings for Ramadan on 23 March 2023, or 01 Ramadan 1444, right here on this page.

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