IDA VIP App Real or Fake in Pakistan 2023: Online Earning

IDA VIP App Real or Fake in Pakistan 2023: IDA App has been gaining a lot of attention in Pakistan as an online earning platform. However, with the increasing popularity of such platforms, it is essential to evaluate the legitimacy of these applications. In this article, we will explore the IDA App and analyze whether it is real or fake in Pakistan in 2023.

What is IDA VIP App?

With the rapid increase in the number of IDA global users, IDA has also ushered in the rapid development period of the digital age by virtue of the incidental promotion effect brought about by the rapid development of the global digital currency market in recent years.

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Blockchain experts and researchers researched and analyzed The blockchain market will maintain rapid growth, with a compound growth rate of 73% from 2021 to 2026, and the market size will reach US$100 billion in 2026. After two years of optimization and improvement by the IDA technical team, IDA intelligent robots have achieved unprecedented Elevate to become the world’s top intelligent robots.

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The global cryptocurrency platform has a large number of high-value orders every day, so more users are required to complete quantitative transactions through IDA intelligent robots. Market research and feedback from users have not allowed some users to participate in high-value quantitative transactions due to the maximum amount limit.

In order to help more users enter higher-yield rooms and create greater profits, the IDA headquarters discussed and decided to adjust and open the maximum amount of VIP1-VIP6 rooms on March 26, 2023, and to launch the 2023 IDA strategic deployment and development plan. The first stage of activities, VIP1-VIP6 adjustments are as follows:

LV1-LV6 adjustment content:

  • Level VIP1 room
  • The minimum quantified amount is 50$
  • The maximum quantified amount is 20000$

Level VIP2 room

  • Minimum quantified amount 300$
  • The maximum quantified amount is 30000$

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Level VIP3 room

  • Minimum quantified amount 1000$
  • The maximum quantified amount is 50000$

Level VIP4 room

  • Minimum quantified amount 5000$
  • The maximum quantified amount is 200000$

Level VIP5 room

  • The minimum quantified amount is 10000$
  • The maximum quantified amount is 300000$

Level VIP6 room

  • The minimum quantified amount is 50000$
  • The maximum quantified amount is 1,000,000$

IDA VIP App Real or Fake in Pakistan 2023

Right from our search we do on IDA VIP App many people are earning from this app. But it is difficult to say how long this app stays here in Pakistan. There is a chance that this app may close in mid of 2023. So invest on your behalf and search.

Preparation Point Never supports this kind of investment or trade as we don’t know the credibility of such companies.


There is an App named “Gut Life” which is trending in Pakistan in previous days. Now this App is totally online. And the members who invest in it are totally at loss.

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