University of Okara Merit List 2021 of BS, MS, BBA

University of Okara Merit List 2021 of BS, MS, BBA

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University of Okara Merit List 2021 of BS, MS, LAW 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th BBA at UOO Online by After the process of admission, now the University of Okara Merit List 2021 for BS, MS will show but till now all the things are under process and hopefully at the end of this month they will announce the all merit list as well as all admission will do on merit base while some seats of self-finance are available.

Many of the students have applied in graduate and postgraduate programs but they are waiting for the merit list. So, every year this university announces the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd merit list. When the merit list will declare the very next minute PreparationPoint will mention on this page. Furthermore detail regarding the University of Okara Merit List for BS, MS are listed below.

University of Okara Merit List 2021 for BS, MS

University of Okara Merit List 2021 for BS, MS yet not declared while the admission is going to close. After declaring the University of Okara Merit List 2021 admission will confirm. So you will wait for the University of Okara Merit List 2021 for the university of okara for admission.

University of Okara Merit List 2021 of BS, MS, BBA and all other programes in PDF

Now, they have announced the schedule of the University of Okara Merit List 2021 as well all the things will do according to schedule. On the other hand, the complete schedule of the merit list is going to be mentioned below.

Sr.#Program NameMerit Lists
1BS Computer Science (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
2BS Computer Science (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
3BS Computer Science(5th Semester) (Morning)View
4B.Ed. (Hons) (Morning)ViewViewView
5B.Ed. (Hons) (Self Support)ViewViewView
6B.Ed.Hons(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
7B. Ed. (1.5 Years) (Morning)ViewViewView
8B. Ed. (1.5 Years) (Self Support)ViewViewView
9MPhil Education (Morning)View
10MPhil Education (Self Support)ViewView
11BS Special Education (Morning)ViewView
12BS Special Education (Self Support)ViewView
13BS Applied Chemistry (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
14BS Applied Chemistry (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
15BS Chemistry (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
16BS Chemistry (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
17BS Chemistry( 5th Semester) (Self Support)ViewViewView
18MPhil/MS Chemistry (Morning)ViewView
19MPhil/MS Chemistry (Self Support)ViewView
20PhD Chemistry ()View
21BS Mathematics (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewViewView
22BS Mathematics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
23BS Mathematics (5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
24MPhil Mathematics (Self Support)View
25BS Physics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewViewView
26BS Physics (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewViewViewView
27MPhil Physics (Morning)ViewViewView
28Mphil Physics (Self Support)ViewViewView
29PhD Physics (Morning)View
30BS Statistics (Morning)ViewViewView
31BS Statistics (Self Support)ViewViewView
32BS Statistics(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewView
33BS Botany (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
34BS Botany (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewView
35BS Botany(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
36MPhil Botany (Self Support)ViewView
37BS Environmental Sciences (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
38BS Environmental Sciences (Self Support)ViewViewView
39BS Environmental Sciences(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewView
40BS Biology (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewView
41BS Biology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
42BS Biology(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
43MPhil Biology (Self Support)ViewView
44BS Zoology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
45BS Zoology (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewView
46BS Zoology(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
47MPhil Zoology (Morning)ViewView
48MPhil Zoology (Self Support)ViewViewView
49PhD Zoology ()View
50BS Molecular Biology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
51BS Molecular Biology (Self Support)ViewViewView
52MPhil Molecular Biology (Morning)View
53MPhil Molecular Biology (Self Support)View
54BS Bio Chemistry (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
55BS Bio Chemistry (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
56BS Bio Chemistry(5th Semester) (Morning)View
57MPhil Biochemistry (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
58PhD Bio Chemistry (Morning)View
59BS Biotechnology (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
60BS Biotechnology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
61BS Biotechnology(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewView
62MPhil Biotechnology (Morning)View
63MPhil Biotechnology (Self Support)ViewView
64BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
65BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewView
66BS Microbiology and Molecular Genetics(5th Semester) (Morning)View
67MPhil Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Self Support)View
68MPhil Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
69BS Bioinformatics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
70BFA Graphic Design (Morning)ViewViewViewView
71BFA Graphic Design (Self Support)ViewView
72BFA Painting (Morning)ViewView
73BBIT (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewViewView
74BBIT (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewViewView
75BS Accounting & Finance (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
76BS Banking & Finance (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
77BS Banking & Finance (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
78BS Commerce (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
79BS Economics (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
80BS Economics (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
81BS Urdu (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewViewView
82BS Urdu (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
83BS Urdu(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
84MPhil Urdu (Self Support)View
85BS Islamic Studies (Morning)ViewViewViewView
86BS Islamic Studies (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
87BS Islamic Studies(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
88MPhil Islamic Studies (Self Support)View
89BS Tourism and Hospitality Management (Morning)ViewView
90BS Political Science (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
91BS Political Science (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
92BS International Relations (Self Support)ViewViewViewView
93BS International Relations (Morning)ViewViewViewView
94BS Social Work (Morning)ViewView
95BS Social Work (Self Support)View
96BS Library and Information Sciences (Morning)ViewViewView
97BS Library and Information Sciences (Self Support)ViewView
98BBA (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
99BBA (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewView
100BS Public Administration (Morning)ViewView
101BBA (5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewView
102MS Management Sciences (Morning)ViewView
103BS Sociology (Self Support)ViewViewView
104BS Sociology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewView
105BS Sociology(5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewViewView
106MPhil Sociology (Self Support)View
107MPhil Sociology (Morning)ViewView
108BS Communication Studies (Morning)ViewViewView
109BS Communication Studies (Self Support)ViewViewView
110BS Criminology (Morning)ViewViewViewView
111BS Criminology (Self Support)ViewViewView
112LL.B (5 Years) (Morning)ViewViewView
113LL.B (5 Years) (Self Support)ViewViewView
114BS Public Health (Morning)ViewViewView
115BS Public Health (Self Support)ViewView
116BS Sport Sciences and Physical Education (Morning)ViewViewView
117BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education (Self Support)ViewViewView
118BS ( hons) Science Education (Morning)ViewViewView
119BS ( hons) Science Education(Double Math & Physics) (Self Support)ViewView
120BS Psychology (Self Support)ViewViewView
121BS Psychology (Morning)ViewViewViewView
122BS Home Economics (Morning)View
123BS Home Economics (Self Support)View
124BS Early Childhood Education (Morning)View
125M.Phil Wildlife & Ecology (Self Support)ViewViewView
126M.Phil Wildlife and Ecology (Morning)ViewViewView
127M.Phil Fisheries & Aquaculture (Morning)ViewViewView
128M.Phil Fisheries & Aquaculture (Self Support)ViewView
129BS (Hons) Educational Planning & Management (Morning)ViewViewView
130BS (Hons) Educational Planning & Management (Self Support)ViewView
131BS English (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewViewViewViewViewView
132BS English (Morning)ViewViewViewViewViewViewViewViewView
133M.Phil English Linguistics (Self Support)View
134MPhil Nanotechnology (Self Support)ViewView
135BS Education (Morning)ViewViewView
136BS Education (Self Support)ViewViewView
137BS Education (5th Semester) (Morning)ViewViewView
138BS Computational Physics (Morning)View
139BS Computational Physics (Self Support)View
140BS Anthropology (Self Support)View
141BS Anthropology (Morning)ViewView
142BS Software Engineering (Non Engineerning Program) (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
143BS Software Engineering (Non Engineerning Program) (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
144BS Data Science (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
145BS Data Science (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
146MS/MPhil Computer Science (Self Support)ViewView
147MS/MPhil Computer Science (Morning)ViewView
148BS Information Technology (Morning)ViewViewViewViewView
149BS Information Technology (Self Support)ViewViewViewViewView
150BS Information Technology(5th Semester) (Morning)View
University of Okara Merit List 2021
University of Okara Merit List 2020 for BS, MS
University of Okara Merit List 2021

Programs for University of Okara Merit List 2021:

Okara University Bachelor Programs Admission
BiologyBS4 Years
BiotechnologyBS4 Years
BotanyBS (HONS)4 Years
Business AdministrationBBA (H)4 Years
ChemistryBS (HONS)4 Years
EconomicsBS4 Years
EducationB.ED (HONS)4 Years
EnglishBS (HONS)4 Years
Information TechnologyBS (HONS)4 Years
Islamic StudiesBS4 Years
LawLLB [HONS]5 Years
LawLLB3 Years
MathematicsBS (HONS)4 Years
MicrobiologyBS4 Years
PhysicsBS4 Years
ZoologyBS (HONS)4 Years
University Of Okara Master Programs Admission
Business AdministrationMBA3.5 Years
EducationMA2 Years
Educational Leadership & ManagementMA2 Years
EnglishMA2 Years
Islamic StudiesMA2 Years
MathematicsM.Sc.2 Years
University Of Okara MS MPhil Programs Admission
BotanyM.Phil.2 Years
EducationM.Phil.2 Years
MathematicsM.Phil.2 Years
ZoologyM.Phil.2 Years
University Of Okara Post Graduate Doctorate / Phd Programs Admission
BotanyPh.D.3 Years
EducationPh.D.3 Years
ZoologyPh.D.3 Years
University of Okara Merit List 2021

Admission Schedule:

Admission Forms Available online at for University of Okara Merit List 2021

  • Deadline for submission of application 22 November 2021 For BS/MSc is Friday,
  • Deadline for M.Phil./PhD entry test registration is Friday,

Entry Test GAT General/Subject for MPhil/MS/MBA/PhD

Last Date for Submission of Admission Forms for MPhil/MS/MBA/PhD

Subject Based Test for MPhil/MS/MBA

Interviews for MPhil/MS/MBA/PhD

University of Okara 1st Merit List for BS, MS

University of okara 1st merit list for BS, MS will declare as soon so candidates who have applied they will check from this place on the other hand when the 1st merit list will declare then date of fee submission will announce.

University of Okara 2nd Merit List for BS, MS

The 2nd merit list will declare the after 1st merit list along with the last date of fee submission while students must pay the fee on time because if you will not pay the fee dues then your seat will be allotted to the other person.

University Of Okara Merit List 2022 – Candidates who appear in the undergraduate and master’s degrees of the for OU Admission and wait for the merit list. We inform that the University of Okara Merit List 2021 ready and will announced here. You will be able to see the results of the entrance exam through CNIC or registration number.

You should visit this site to get the latest updates about it. The first, second, third, fourth, and final Merit List will featured in 2021. To get students’ help, we have provided the latest list of 2022 Fall and Spring Awards from Okara University on this page. is the best platform to understand any difficulty of the UO Spring and Fall Merit list.

University of Okara 3rd Merit List for BS, MS

Click Here

Those candidates who cannot meet the 1st and 2nd University of Okara Merit List 2021 hey will check their name on the 3rd merit list while if your name will not come on the 3rd merit list then you will be out from this competition because without achieving the merit criteria candidates cannot enroll.

University of Okara Merit List 2021 for BS, MS has been released. On the other hand, this is one of the best institutes in the region of Sahiwal and the massive strength of the students gets admission every year but those candidates succeed who appear on the University of Okara Merit List 2021.

This university is providing a bundle of facilities to the students like transportation, Hostal, and sports complex where students perform different activities and enjoy a game. As well as many of the students are using the transportation of this university because some students are living in village areas so they are providing multiple buses to the students for traveling.

University of Okara LLB Merit List 2021

University of Okara is a public sector university situated in Okara, Punjab, Pakistan. Minister of Defence Rao Sikandar inaugurated this university on 23rd February, 2016. Initially this university started its journey as a campus but later on it was upgraded to the level of university.

University of Okara 1st Open Merit List 2021

Candidates will soon be able to check University of Okara 1st, 2nd and 3rd merit list of all the programs online from this page. Candidates are requested to login at admission portal of the university to update their 2nd year result. Merit List 2021

Selected candidates have to appear in the interview as per admission schedule. Interview date and time will be announced along with University of Okara Merit List 2021. Pay your admission fee within due dates to confirm your admission.

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