Who was the seventh prime minister of Pakistan?

  1. Feroz Khan Noon
  2. Z.A. Bhutto
  3. Sikandar Ali Mirza
  4. None of the above

Malik Feroz Khan Noon was the seventh Prime Minister of Pakistan, serving in this capacity from his appointment on 16 December 1957, until being removed when the President of Pakistan Iskandar Ali Mirza imposed martial law with the 8 October 1958 Pakistani coup d’état.

                                      List of Prime Ministers of Pakistan
Term# Name Took office Left office Elections Political party
1 Liaquat Ali Khan 14-Aug-47 16-Oct-51 Muslim League
2 Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin 17-Oct-51 17-Apr-53 Muslim League
3 Mohammad Ali Bogra 17-Apr-53 12-Aug-55 Muslim League
4 Chaudhry Mohammad Ali 12-Aug-55 12-Sep-56 Muslim League
5 Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy 12-Sep-56 17-Oct-57 Awami League
6 Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar 17-Oct-57 16-Dec-57 Muslim League
7 Sir Feroze Khan Noon 16-Dec-57 7-Oct-58 Republican Party
8 Nurul Amin 7-Dec-71 20-Dec-71 1970 Pakistan Muslim League
9 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 14-Aug-73 5-Jul-77 1977 PPP
10 Muhammad Khan Junejo 24-Mar-85 29-May-88 1985 Pakistan Muslim League
11 Benazir Bhutto 2-Dec-88 6-Aug-90 1988 PPP
12 Nawaz Sharif 6-Nov-90 18-Jul-93 1990 PML (N)
13 Benazir Bhutto 19-Oct-93 5-Nov-96 1993 PPP
14 Nawaz Sharif 17-Feb-97 12-Oct-99 1997 PML (N)
15 Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali 23-Nov-02 26-Jun-04 2002 PML (Q)
16 Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain 30-Jun-04 26-Aug-04 PML (Q)
17 Shaukat Aziz 28-Aug-04 15-Nov-07 PML (Q)
18 Yousaf Raza Gillani 25-Mar-08 19-Jun-12 2008 PPP
19 Raja Pervaiz Ashraf 22-Jun-12 24-Mar-13 PPP
20 Nawaz Sharif 5-Jun-13 28-Jul-17 2013 PML (N)
21 Shahid Khaqan Abbasi 1-Aug-17 31-May-18 PML (N)
22 Imran Khan 18-Aug-18 Incumbent 2018 PTI

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