LA-15 Bagh By-Election Result 2023: AJK Azad Kashmir

LA-15 Bagh By-Election Result 2023: AJK Azad Kashmir

The LA-15 Bagh By-Election Result 2023, AJK Azad Kashmir, is set to take place today, and it promises to be a closely contested race between the major political parties. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has made a fervent appeal to the people of Bagh to vote for PTI’s candidate, Raja Mohammad Zamir Khan, emphasizing the party’s commitment to the rule of law in the country.

In a video message addressing the Pakistanis of Azad Kashmir, Imran Khan urged them to cast their votes for Raja Mohammad Zamir Khan in the by-election scheduled for June 8, 2023. This appeal highlights PTI’s efforts in striving for the rule of law in the country and the importance of supporting their candidate in Bagh.

LA-15 Bagh By-Election Result 2023

The LA-15 Bagh 2 seat became vacant after Sardar Tanveer Ilyas was disqualified by the Azad Kashmir High Court for contempt. With the seat up for grabs, 101,145 registered voters in Bagh will have the opportunity to participate in the electoral process. Voting will take place between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.

LA-15 Bagh By-Election Result 2023
LA-15 Bagh By-Election Result 2023

A total of 18 candidates are vying for the office, making this election a highly competitive one. The three major political parties result have fielded their candidates: Colonel (r) Zameer from PTI, Zia Qamar from the PPP, and Mushtaq Minhas from the PMLN. These candidates are expected to engage in fierce competition to secure the LA-15 Bagh seat.

Candidate NameTotal Votes
Zia Al Qamar (PPP)22619
Muhammad Mushtaq Minhas (PMLN)17321
Raja Zameer (PTI)4603

Interestingly, despite being part of the government coalition, both the PPP and PMLN have decided to field candidates to compete against each other in this by-election. This move underscores the significance of the LA-15 Bagh seat and the parties determination to secure a victory.

Voter CountMale CountFemale CountPolling StationsSensitive StationsHighly Sensitive Stations

To ensure a smooth and secure election process, a total of 189 polling locations have been set up. Among them, 20 locations have been classified as highly sensitive, while 29 are considered sensitive. The deployment of more than 3,000 police and Frontier Constabulary security personnel aims to maintain law and order during the voting process.

Candidate Party Votes

  • Colonel Zameer PTI TBA
  • Zia Qamar PPP 16,794
  • Mushtaq Minhas PMLN 16,590

As the people of Bagh head to the polls today, all eyes are on the LA-15 Bagh by-election. The competition between the major political parties, PTI, PPP, and PMLN, is expected to be intense. The outcome of this election will determine the future representative for the LA-15 Bagh constituency and could potentially impact the political landscape of Azad Kashmir.

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