Portal for PTI Candidates and Their Election Symbols 2024

To make things clear and easy for people, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has set up a simple and user-friendly website called the “PTI Election Candidates Portal.” This website is there to help voters by giving them detailed information about the people running for elections and the symbols they use.

Portal for PTI Candidates and Their Election Symbols 2024
Portal for PTI Candidates and Their Election Symbols 2024

Here are some important things about the PTI Election Candidates Portal:

  1. Easy Access: You can reach the portal at ptielectioncandidates.online. It has features that make it easy for voters to get the information they need to make good choices in the upcoming elections.
  2. Search by Constituency Number: If you know your constituency number (like NA171), you can type it in and get a bunch of details about the candidates in that area.
  3. What You Can Find:
  • Candidate Names: You can see the names of PTI candidates who are running in your area. This helps you know who is representing the party near you.
  • Election Symbols: Each candidate has a symbol on the ballot paper. This portal helps you easily recognize that symbol and connect it to a specific candidate.
  • Candidate Images: Pictures of the candidates are included. This makes it easier for you to remember who they are, creating a more personal connection between the candidates and the people they want to represent.
  • WhatsApp Channel Link: There’s a smart feature that gives you links to WhatsApp channels. This means you can talk directly to the candidates. It helps in communication, making it easier for candidates to share information and talk with voters directly.

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