[UPDATED] AJK Scom Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly Price 2023

[UPDATED] AJK Scom Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly Price 2023

Activation codes of AJK Scom Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly Price 2023. Are you looking for information on AJK Telecom’s internet packages? Look no further! Here is a breakdown of the company’s monthly and weekly internet packages, as well as the prices and activation codes.

AJK Scom Internet Packages: Monthly Plans

Package NameData AllowancePriceActivation Code
Basic10 GB$20/month*555#
Plus30 GB$30/month*777#
Premium60 GB$40/month*999#

Freedom Packages

Student1 Mbps999.00
Home2 Mbps1,299.00
Business4 Mbps1,999.00
Home Plus3 Mbps1,799.00

Ultra Packages

Standard4 Mbps799.004 GB
Professional8 Mbps999.008 GB
Corporate-112 Mbps1,999.0012 GB
Corporate-216 Mbps2,999.0016 GB

Limited Packages-Allowed for Residential

U256256 kbps1,999.00Unlimited
U512512 kbps1,599.00Unlimited
U1M1 Mbps1,999.00Unlimited
U2M2 Mbps2,999.00Unlimited

Unlimited Packages

C256256 kbps10,000.00Unlimited
C512512 kbps20,000.00Unlimited
C1M1 Mbps35,000.00Unlimited
C2M2 Mbps65,000.00Unlimited

Net Cafe Packages

Net cafe-11 Mbps5,000.00Unlimited
Net cafe-22 Mbps8,000.00Unlimited

Hotel Packages

Package NameSpeedTariff (PKR/Mb/Month)
Hotel 3 Starup to 8 Mbps6,000
Hotel 4 Star9 – 16 Mbps5,600
Hotel 5 Star17 – 20 Mbps5,200

DSL Postpaid Packages

DSL Postpaid2 MbpsPKR 10 per 10 MBUnlimited

AJK Telecom Internet Packages: Weekly Plans

Package NameData AllowancePriceActivation Code
Lite5 GB$10/week*333#
Super15 GB$15/week*444#
Ultra30 GB$20/week*555#

AJK Telecom also offers a special package specifically for WhatsApp usage. This package is perfect for those who rely on the messaging app for communication and want to have a dedicated data allowance for it. Here is the information on the WhatsApp internet package:

AJK Telecom Internet Package: WhatsApp

Package NameData AllowancePriceActivation Code
WhatsApp10 GB$10/month*666#

To activate this package, simply follow the same steps as outlined in the previous section.

It’s important to note that this AJK Scom Internet Packages WhatsApp is in addition to any other internet package you may have. It is not a replacement for the regular monthly or weekly packages. However, it is a great way to save on data usage if you frequently use WhatsApp and want to ensure that you have enough data specifically for the app.

Overall, AJK Telecom offers a range of internet packages to suit your needs, whether you want a regular monthly or weekly data allowance, or just need a dedicated package for WhatsApp usage. Try out one of these packages today and stay connected with ease.

Activating Your AJK Telecom Internet Package

To activate one of the above internet packages, simply follow these steps:

  1. Dial the activation code for the desired package or visit the official website.
  2. Press send/call.
  3. Wait for the confirmation message.
  4. Enjoy your new internet package!


AJK Telecom offers a variety of monthly and weekly internet packages to suit your needs and budget. With easy activation codes and competitive pricing, it’s never been easier to get connected. Try out one of these packages today and see the difference for yourself.

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