(2018 – 2022) Highlights Of The Key Achievements By PTI-Led Government

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Imran Khan (2018 – 2022) Highlights Of The Key Achievements By PTI-Led Government shared on this Preparation Point Page.

(2018 – 2022) Highlights Of The Key Achievements By PTI-Led Government

Achievements By PTI Government(Imran Khan)

  • Loans repaid by PTI govt in 22 months: RS 5000 Billion
  • Amount borrowed from State Bank in 22 months: NIL
  • Panagahs established by PTI govt in 22 months: 200+
  • Rs 2 Billion allocated to transform PM house into a university.
  • Effective diplomacy saved Pakistan from paying $1.2bn penalty in Karkey case
  • Kartarpur corridor constructed and made operational within months.
  • Modi exposed across the globe, Kashmir issues raised at international forums, India isolated.
  • 10 billion tree Tsunami project praised across the globe and being replicated by other developed counties.
  • Sehat Sahoolat card being provided to every family in KPK. Providing Insurance coverage worth 1 million per family annually.
  • Rs 150 Billion+ distributed among the needy through the Ehsas Emergency Cash program.
  • Funding provided for a number of DAM projects. Work on most has commenced and would be completed after PTI’s tenure finishes. Because a leader thinks of the next generation. Not the next election.
  • Government paying utility bills for small business in an attempt to shoulder some of their expenses in times of Covid19.
  • Current account deficit reduced to $3 Billion from $20 Billion within 22 months.
  • State Bank’s reserves have increased from $9.7 Billion to $12.3 Billion in 22 months.
  • 1.2 million families of Azad Kashmir to get Sehat Sahulat card with insurance coverage of Rs 1 million per family annually.
  • Tax collection was increasing at a rate of 17% before Covid19 arrived. Hundreds of thousands of new filers had registered with the FBR.
  • 7 million families will receive Sehat Sahulat Card in Punjab during the current year. 4.6 million families have already received it. All these families would have insurance coverage of Rs 1 million annually.
  • After Covid19 arrived, Imran Khan was the first leader who raised voice for debt relief. He was mocked. People discussed his tracksuit for days. A few weeks later, Pakistan ended up securing $2.4 billion debt relief.
  • “In Pakistan, the outlook has improved markedly since the 2018 general election victory of Imran Khan. In a short period, the country has seen notable improvements in business sentiment & macroeconomic policy-making.” -Financial Times
  • Covid19: Cases per million around the world: 1,275 Cases per million in Pakistan: 901 Deaths per million around the world: 68.3 Deaths per million in Pakistan: 18
  • Discussed Kashmir’s issue every time he met President Donald Trump leading to the US president repeatedly offering to act as a mediator between India & Pakistan in an attempt to solve the Kashmir crisis. Previous PM wouldn’t even mention Kashmir.
  • Thousands of poor Pakistanis locked up in prisons abroad were brought back to Pakistan thanks to PM Imran Khan’s impressive diplomacy. GhareeboN ka Wazir e Azam.
  • Pakistan secured Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of $2.1 Billion in the first 9 months of the financial year 2019-2020. Highest in the last 11 years.
  • In 22 months, the PTI government has constructed and revamped 1824 kms of roads across Pakistan. Which is 600 km more than PMLN did in their last 2 years.
  • PM Imran Khan reduced PM office staff to 298 from 552. Reduced the operating cost of the PM office to 339 million from 509 million. (33% reduction) No camp offices. Bears expenses of his house himself. Unprecedented Austerity.
  • Ease of doing Business: Pakistan was ranked 147th in the world in 2018. Pakistan has jumped 39 places to 108 under Imran Khan’s leadership in less than two years.
  • In 22 months, PM Imran Khan’s government has brought the Trade Deficit down to $21 billion from $37 billion.
(2018 - 2022) Highlights Of The Key Achievements By PTI-Led Government
(2018 – 2022) Highlights Of The Key Achievements By PTI-Led Government

Social sector

Ehsaas Programme, Koi Bhooka Na Soye Programme, Kisaan Card, Insaaf Sehat Card, Kamyab Jawan Programme, One Nation-One Curriculum, Zaraat Say Khuraak Tak (from agriculture to food) are the (2018 – 2022) Highlights Of The Key Achievements By PTI-Led Government.

Economic sector

Pakistan’s first stent production facility, launch of country’s first Green Bond, people-friendly budget, upward economic trajectory, Roshan Digital Account, Roshan Apni Car and Roshan Samaji Khidmat, Electric Vehicle Policy, MG Motors launch, structural reforms, decrease in current account deficit, growth in textile industry, increase in exports, high remittances, as well as low tariff for electricity and gas for industrial consumption.

Foreign affairs: Kashmir cause, Palestine cause, Afghan peace process and countering Indian propaganda.

The report also highlighted miscellaneous other initiatives including GIS mapping system, Clean and Green Pakistan, e-voting machines introduction, voting rights for overseas, civil service reforms and accountability.

Lauds armed forces

Prime Minister Khan during his speech lauded the Army and Air Force for giving robust response to India after Pulwama incident. “It is because of our forces we warned Narendra Modi (Indian prime minister) of dire consequences in case of any misadventure,” he added.

While declaring that Islamabad would not become a part of anyone else’s war, Mr Khan said the country would not allow the killing of its own people as had happened in the US-Taliban war after the 9/11 attack.

He said “mistakes” had been committed by the army, the judiciary and politicians in the past, but a specific segment of society along with international elements was blaming the Pakistan Army for current situation in Afghanistan.

The prime minister urged the entire world to help Afghan Taliban establishing an inclusive government in Afghanistan after had they announced general amnesty, protection of human and women rights and vowed that their land would not be used against any other state. This showed they agreed to what the world had been emphasising in Doha talks. “Don’t make assumption that they (Taliban) will back out from their commitments and let them form an inclusive government which is imperative for the regional peace,” he said.

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