Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022 | Today’s Sehr O Iftar Time In Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022

Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022 | Today’s Sehr O Iftar Time In Bahawalpur is shared on this Page. Today’s 4 April 2022 Bahawalpur Sehar & Iftar Time (اوقات سحروافطار). Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing is: Sehar: 04:39 AM and Iftar: 06:33 PM (Hanafi/Safi’i). According to Fiqa Jafria (Shia), Sehr and Iftar Time is: Sehr: 04:30 AM and Iftar: 06:43 PM. Find 30 Days Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022 Kareem, Pakistan.

Bahawalpur Ramadan Timings 2022: Today’s 3 April 2022 (29th Shaban 1443) Bahawalpur Sehr & Iftar Time. Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing is: Sehr: 04:41 and Iftar: 18:34 (Hanafi). According to Fiqa Jafria (Shia) Sehr and Iftar Time is: Sehr: 04:31 and Iftar: 18:44. Find 30 days Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022 timetable for Bahawalpur.

Today’s Sehr O Iftar Time In Bahawalpur

18 APR 2204:20 AM6:43 PM

Note: 1 minute preventative difference in Sehri (-1 min) & Iftar (+1 min)

This year if you are in Bahawalpur, Pakistan during Ramadan and will spend the whole month here you are on very right website of Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022 to know the correct and exact Sehr-o-Iftar timings for Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022 city. On this website, you will find the time for the whole month of Ramadan Kareem (رمضان كريم).

Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022

103 AprSun04:40 am06:33 pm
204 AprMon04:39 am06:33 pm
305 AprTue04:38 am06:34 pm
406 AprWed04:37 am06:34 pm
507 AprThu04:35 am06:35 pm
608 AprFri04:34 am06:36 pm
709 AprSat04:33 am06:36 pm
810 AprSun04:31 am06:37 pm
911 AprMon04:30 am06:37 pm
1012 AprTue04:29 am06:38 pm
1113 AprWed04:27 am06:39 pm
1214 AprThu04:26 am06:39 pm
1315 AprFri04:25 am06:40 pm
1416 AprSat04:24 am06:40 pm
1517 AprSun04:22 am06:41 pm
1618 AprMon04:21 am06:42 pm
1719 AprTue04:20 am06:42 pm
1820 AprWed04:19 am06:43 pm
1921 AprThu04:17 am06:43 pm
2022 AprFri04:16 am06:44 pm
2123 AprSat04:15 am06:45 pm
2224 AprSun04:14 am06:45 pm
2325 AprMon04:13 am06:46 pm
2426 AprTue04:11 am06:46 pm
2527 AprWed04:10 am06:47 pm
2628 AprThu04:09 am06:48 pm
2729 AprFri04:08 am06:48 pm
2830 AprSat04:07 am06:49 pm
2901 MaySun04:06 am06:50 pm
3002 MayMon04:04 am06:50 pm
Fiqh Jafria: Sehar Time -10min | Iftar Time +10min

The Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2022 will always show Bahawalpur Sehr-o-Iftar timings daily in the whole month of Ramadan while Bahawalpur sunset and sunrise keep on changing due to the movement of Earth throughout the year. Before the beginning of Ramadan, everyone is always in a hurry to know the fasting time during this month.

Furthermore, Bahawalpur, Pakistan Sehr-o-iftar timing of every sect is also found on Bahawalpur Ramadan timetable 2022 that includes Fiqa Hanafi (Sunni) or Fiqa Jafria (Shia) sect of the Muslims. You can get the right timing of Bahawalpur, Pakistan on this page.

Today’s Bahawalpur Ramadan fasting and prayer time is based on the Islamic Date as al-Ahad 01 Ramadan 1443, with the next 7 days scheduled from Sunday, 3 April 2022 with customizable prayer time calculation methods to calculate the proper time for your prayer.

However, there are different variations of this name. It is called Ramadan in Arabic and other pronunciations are also common in different parts of the world like Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan. The Islamic calendar is usually ten to twelve days shorter than the Georgian calendar and Iftar time in Bahawalpur varies each year. It is a reason that a large number of people utilize the Ramadan calendar 2022 Bahawalpur to check Roza or Iftar time and Bahawalpur Sehri time.

The Muslim population living in Bahawalpur can remain updated with the Ramadan Calendar 2022 Bahawalpur and can analyze the number of fasting hours. Besides Sehri or Suhoor and Iftar time in Bahawalpur today, you can also view prayer timings, Qibla direction, and other information about Bahawalpur on other pages

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