Hajj 2022 Balloting Result Selected Candidates Final Merit List

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Today Govt updates Hajj 2022 Balloting Result Selected Candidates Final Meri List news. Online Draw result for Hajj 2022 Pakistan quota is soon shared on this Preparation Point Page. The Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs has announced the receipt of applications for Hajj 2022, which can be paid from May 1 to 13 with an advance payment of Rs 50,000. The Saudi government has announced that the Hajj quota of Pakistanis is 81132. The deadline for govt hajj balloting 2022 preparations is May 16, 2022.

Govt Hajj 2022 Balloting Results will be conducted on 15 May 2022 at 03:00 PM, result will be available after 09:00 PM.

  • Balloting to select Hajj 2022 date pilgrims to be held on Sunday 16th May 2022.
  • 32,000 pilgrims will be selected out of a total of 63,666 applicants.
  • This year’s total Hajj cost is expected to be Rs700,000 to Rs1 million.
Check Hajj 2022 Ballot Result

Govt Hajj 2022 Balloting Result

Once the registration form submission procedure was completed, the official authority reviewed the received application in order to ensure the authenticity of the information provided to them and any application found incomplete or ambiguous was eliminated from the selection procedure immediately. After whole this procedure, Hajj 2022 Balloting Result will be announced.

Hajj 2022 Balloting Result Selected Candidates Final Meri List
govt hajj balloting 2022

The final draw for Pakistan Government Hajj Scheme is scheduled to take place in April 2022 so you will have to wait in order to see whether your name is included in those lucky individuals who will perform Hajj this year or not. When it comes to other policies related to the scheme, no major changes have been made to the last year’s policy as it was quite successful and the federal ministry decided to continue it. Once the final Hajj 2022 Balloting Result Scheme result will be announced, the selected individuals will need to have a Computerized National Identity Card and a legal Passport otherwise their names will be eliminated from the list.

Hajj 2022 Lucky Draw Result List

Hajj 2022 Balloting Result Selected Candidates Final Meri List

All this is just because there is land sliding, and snowfall in some areas there causes difficulties to hajj applicants. You can get the complete Hajj 2022 Balloting Result lucky draw from here at Preparation Point.info which is the right place for you to Fulfill Your Dream of Performing Hajj and gets information about the hajj to draw a result list. Last year, the pilgrims took 4,000 to 33 thousand and the money saved, was returned to every pilgrimage, about 5 billion rupees were returned to the pilgrims, at a rate of 37 thousand rupees per pilgrim returned and some up to 60 thousand. Were also returned.

Hajj Quota for Pakistan 2022

Pakistan allocated a Govt Hajj quota of 81,132 pilgrims. After the global epidemic coronavirus ended, according to reports, the Saudi government issued the highest quotas for Indonesia and Pakistan. The ministry has allotted a quota of 100,051 for Indonesia while Pakistan got the second largest number with 81,132 pilgrims and India came in third with 79,237 pilgrims.

The Saudi government has now imposed an additional 410 riyals on pilgrims after the Govt Hajj package was increased this year by the government and this extra fee has been increased in terms of visas and insurance, now Pakistani pilgrims have to pay an extra 16,000 rupees to go on pilgrimage. Pakistani pilgrims have to pay a 300 rial visa fee While 110 real insurance will have to be paid, additional fees and insurance have been included in the Hajj package this year.

This year, pilgrims have already reached Rs 5 lakh under the government scheme, while some private tour operators have offered cheaper Hajj packages than the government. Check Pakistan hajj balloting 2022 online in Pakistan.

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