Lahore eat 2022 Starts from Today at Jilani Park

Lahore eat 2022 Starts from Today at Jilani Park

Lahore eat 2022 Starts from Today at Jilani Park. The Lahore Eat Food Festival 2022 will open today (Friday) and will run until Sunday at Khayaban-E-Amin Cricket Ground.

From desserts to savouries, which include Asian, BBQ, fast food and some delectable local cuisine; the attendees can enjoy a variety of items ranging from shawarmas, pizza, burgers, brownies, chicken wings, fries, kebabs and much more.

Lahore Eat Tickets

Lahore eat 2022 Online Tickets Prices

Tickets for the event will be available on-ground at Rs.500 of Lahore eat 2022, and all interactions from ticketing, setup, food and music will be executed keeping in mind Covid protocols, with no entry allowed without proof of vaccination.

Lahore eat 2022

While the food will definitely be one of the main highlights of this highly anticipated event, the artist line-up for Lahore Eat consists of some very popular names including but not limited to Asim Azhar, Bilal Maqsood, Bilal Khan, Bilal Saeed, NS Chauhan and Rap Demon.

However, this is just the beginning. Coke, the platinum sponsor of the 3-day event is going to be hosting a live performance on the final day of the event with the ever-green artists of Coke Studio. The Islamabad audience continues to rave about Talal Qureshi and Hasan Raheem’s performance at Islamabad Eat Fest 2022, and are all waiting in excitement for the artist’s reveal.

The exciting combination of artists, bloggers and food located in a rich city like Lahore eat 2022 is bound to be memorable for all.

Lahore Eat Food Festival 2022 Dates:

This is a three days festival which is going to be held in the month of March. People who are excited to visit Lahore Eat can check Lahore Eat Food Festival 2022 expected dates from here.

Lahore eat 2022
  • 25 March 2022
  • 26 March 2022
  • 27 March 2022

Lahore Eat Location:

This festival or event will take place in Khayab e Amin Cricket Ground. So, if you are excited to visit then, you can also check its pin location from the below-given maps too. Usually, people love their privacy, so for that concern, there are a few places that are Private Cabin Restaurant In Lahore, see the list of the restaurants from here.

Lahore Eat Number:

Those who are looking for the contact number of the Lahore Eat Food festival can check their number from here.


Single Can Enter Eat Lahore Festival?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions about this event. If you also want to know that either boy is allowed to enter Lahore eat then let me tell you that single boys are not allowed to enter this event. The main reason is that it is a family festival and stags are not allowed to enter this event.

Live Music at Lahore Eat 2022

Music and food go hand in hand. To keep the buzz going at the festival there will be live music from local bands and artists covering a wide array of music genres and tastes. It’s a great platform for up coming talent to play alongside established bands and entertain you through out the day.

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