Pifra Salary slip Registration online Download 2023

Pifra Salary slip Registration online Download

Pifra Salary slip or pay Registration online Download at preparationpoint.info. PIFRA stands for “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing“. If you are looking for PIFRA Salary Slip registration online then the payslip for this month 2021 is available online for all government employees. Download your salary slip right now or submit a registration payslip form on www.pifra.gov.pk and check your monthly salary slip online via email.

Purpose of PIFRASending Salary Slips to Government Employees
A project ofGovernment of Pakistan
Salary Slip Month2023
Director of ProjectTahir Naeem Akhtar (051-9107241)
Pifra Salary slip

What is PIFRA?

PIFRA (Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing) is a government project directed by Tahir Naeem Akhtar. It was started to improve the accuracy and convenience of the auditing system.

Pifra Salary slip has introduced an online system for civil servants to register online using their email addresses and receive payslips online every month via Gmail. This blog will help you learn to check your salary slip online via Gmail.

How to Download PIFRA Registration Form Online?

Once you have collected the all required things that are mentioned above, now it’s time to go to the pay slip registration form for registration.

  • Visit www.pifra.gov.pk for Pay Slip Registration
  • Before we start the Pifra Salary slip, let us explain some aspects that might confuse you when you are registering.
  • Since the government has assigned a code name to all provinces of Pakistan, when Pifra Salary slip employees go for registration, these codes often confuse them. So don’t need to be confused, we are giving all codes here.
District Government
Gilgit BatltistanGB
Kashmir CouncilK
District Government KPKDGN
Pifra Salary slip

Eligibility Criteria for PIFRA Online Pay Slip Registration

The only requirement for registering a PIFRA account is to be a civil servant. Otherwise, you will not be eligible. No private-sector employees can participate in PIFRA. If you work for the government and are a permanent officer, you are eligible.

Why do I need to create an account with PIFRA?

It is the easiest and most feasible way to get a monthly salary while staying at your place without having to rush to the office and wait for your turn in the payment department.

This online program is convenient for everyone. In fact, before implementing this program, it was very difficult for the Pakistani government to ensure that all employees received their monthly payment slips on time. It saves time for both government officials and employees.

The following details will be shown on your salary slip:

  • PIFRA Employee Number
  • Total pension and payment amount
  • You can check if you are paying for an allowance
  • Your detailed salary records, along with working hours and charges
  • From your entire earnings, which sort of allowance payment is deducted
  • Details related to annual budgets, expenditures, taxes, and insurance charges

You need to enroll in this program and get your payslip in your mailbox every month to know all this information.

Information Required for Online PIFRA Pay Slip Registration:

For registration, you should know the following information before filling PIFRA online salary slip form:

  • Applicant’s Full Name
  • Private Gmail Address
  • Province Name
  • Province Code
  • Applicant’s date of Birth
  • Applicant’s CNIC Number
  • Scale Allotted by the Government
  • Applicant’s Personal/ Cell-Phone Number

What are the Steps for PIFRA online Salary Slip Registration?

By following the below-mentioned steps, you will be successfully registered for the PIFRA salary slip, quickly without any trouble:

  1. Online visit PIFRA Official Website
  2. Click on Services, as mentioned in the below image
  3. Several options will appear on your screen
  4. Click on Online Salary Slip/ Pension Slip
  5. The registration form will be visible on your screen
  6. Enter Government Code
  7. Enter Employee’s Personnel Number
  8. Enter your CNIC or Old NIC
  9. Enter date of Birth and Cell Phone Number
  10. After entering all the information, recheck once to make sure all provided information is correct
  11. Then click on the Yellow Button
  12. The procedure has not ended here
  13. Now a blank appear asking for your Gmail Address and password
  14. Carefully enter your Gmail ID and Password
  15. Click on Submit Button
  16. A message will appear on your screen, “you are successfully registered”
  17. Your payslip will be sent to your given Gmail in PDF form
  18. If this message does not appear on your screen, it means you have not followed the procedure carefully and made a mistake somewhere
  19. Again follow the procedure mentioned above
  20. Fill in all required data again
  21. Click on submit button
  22. Hopefully, you will receive a message ensuring that you are registered successfully

Facilities for PIFRA Employees:

Following are the facilities PIFRA is providing to its employees:

  • Bill-tracking system
  • Bill summary report
  • Vendor information
  • PSDP execution report
  • Budget execution report
  • DDO reconciliation statement
  • Online salary slip/ pension slip
  • Scheme-wise budget execution report

PIFRA Contact Details:

For any query, you can contact PIFRA in the following ways:

How to Make sure that Your Registration for PIFRA Salary Slip is Successful?

You may need to check whether you are successfully registered with the PIFRA salary slip system or not. We have seen so many employees who continuously complain to us that the salary slip is not received. And most of the time the issue was that they haven’t completed their registration successfully due to any system error or false information submission.

So you should always check whether your payslip registration is completed or is still in process. So to check the status of your registration, here is a step-by-step procedure for you. Kindly follow the procedure completely.

  1. If you are still confused about your payslip registration then you need to visit the official salary slip registration webpage again
  2. Now repeat the whole process of registration that we have already mentioned above
  3. Fill in all details like first name, last name, CNIC number, employee code, etc.
  4. And follow through with the process
  5. Now submit your online form
  6. If you get a notification message like “You are already registered with PIFRA and your payment slip will deliver to you every month from now” so it means your wage slip account is 100% successful and you don’t need to worry now
  7. Or, if you do not receive this notification then it simply means that you have to register again.
  8. For again registration, just follow the above mention step by step guide

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