PMDC MDCAT 2023 Test Date Rescheduled to September 10

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has made a significant announcement regarding the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) 2023. The highly anticipated exam, which plays a pivotal role in medical education admissions, has undergone a rescheduling. Originally planned for August 23, the PMDC has now scheduled the MDCAT 2023 to take place on September 10. This decision comes after a notification issued by PMDC on August 15, bringing about both anticipation and changes in the plans of aspiring medical students.

PMDC MDCAT 2023 Test Date

PMDC MDCAT 2023 Test Date

In a notable notification issued on August 15, PMDC declared that the MDCAT 2023 has been postponed to September 10. This rescheduling provides aspiring medical and dental students with more time to prepare diligently for the crucial examination. The change in the test date aims to ensure that students are given a fair opportunity to showcase their potential and secure admission to prestigious medical and dental colleges across the country.

Uniform Syllabus Policy: A Level-Playing Field

The MDCAT 2023 will be conducted under a uniform syllabus policy throughout the nation. This policy ensures that all applicants are evaluated on the same core subjects and topics, promoting fairness and equity in the admissions process. Applicants can be assured that the syllabus for the entrance exam remains consistent with that of the previous year. This uniformity guarantees that all students have an equal chance to excel and demonstrate their academic prowess.

Additional Preparation Time

The delay in the MDCAT 2023 exam date offers candidates a valuable opportunity to enhance their preparation strategies. Aspiring medical and dental students can utilize this extended time frame to revise and strengthen their understanding of key concepts, hone their test-taking skills, and seek any necessary guidance. This additional preparation time could prove instrumental in boosting candidates’ confidence and readiness for the challenging examination.

Foreign Graduates’ Protest: Seeking Equitable Treatment

In a recent development, foreign medical graduates expressed their concerns and demands outside the PMDC headquarters in Islamabad. These graduates have raised objections against the originally scheduled date for MDCAT 2023 and have urged for a reconsideration. They also called for a reduction in the passing percentage required for foreign graduates, citing that the 70% threshold is exceptionally high compared to international standards.


The rescheduling of the PMDC MDCAT 2023 to September 10 is a significant decision that offers aspiring medical and dental students more time to prepare effectively. The uniform syllabus policy ensures a level playing field for all applicants, while the delay grants candidates additional opportunities to fine-tune their skills. Despite challenges, such as foreign graduates’ protests, PMDC’s commitment to equitable and comprehensive evaluation remains evident. As the revised test date approaches, candidates and stakeholders in medical education eagerly await the outcomes of this essential examination.

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