Punjab to Provide Free Wheat Flour to Approximately 15.8 Million Families during Ramzan

Punjab to Provide Free Wheat Flour to Approximately 15.8 Million Families during Ramzan

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Today in Lahore, a meeting was conducted to address the concerns regarding wheat and flour in the province. The meeting was headed by S.M. Tanveer, the provincial minister for industry, commerce, and energy.

It was shared in the meeting that around 15.8 million deserving families will receive free flour during Ramadan, as a part of the Ramadan package which has been approved by the Punjab Cabinet. Tanveer expressed his views on the matter, saying that providing free flour will bring genuine relief to poor families.

He also mentioned that the distribution of wheat to flour mills and the supply of free flour will be monitored through advanced technology.

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Starting Date

It was mentioned that the distribution of wheat flour will take place from the 25th of Sha’ban to the 25th of Ramazan through 8,500 Utility Stores. In addition to this, there are plans to establish an additional 20,000 flour distribution points to make it easier for people to access it.

Eligibility Criteria

  • During a recent meeting, the Prime Minister directed that 8,500 utility stores should be utilized, and an additional 20,000 distribution points should be established to ensure that the distribution of flour is carried out effectively and efficiently for the public.
  • The PM emphasized the importance of transparency in the distribution process and insisted that modern technology be used to prevent any instances of theft. Furthermore, the quality of the free flour should be of the highest standard.
  • To check eligibility for the free flour scheme, individuals can send an SMS, and the federal government has extended support to other provinces in implementing this program.

Online Apply Process for Punjab Free Wheat Flour Ramzan Package

Families who are already registered at BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) are already eligible for this Program.

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