Shaban Moon Sighting 2022

Shaban Moon Sighting 2022

Shaban Moon Sighting 2022 date in Pakistan is available on this Page. Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Chairman Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad Thursday announced that the moon of Shaban had not been sighted.

Therefore, the first of Shaban would be on March 5, and the Shab-e-Barat would be observed on Saturday, March 19, said Azad at the conclusion of meeting, held to sight the moon of Shaban 1443 AH here in the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony.

Shaban Moon Sighting 2022

First Ramadan 2022 date Pakistan with Calendar with PDF

Shaban Moon Sighting 2022

He said the committee had not received even a single testimony of the Shaban moon sighting from any nook and cranny of the country.

The official Shaban Moon Sighting 2022 working hours for federal government employees during Ramadan, will be from 9am to 2pm (from Monday to Thursday) and from 9am to 12pm on Fridays, according to the government resolution issued on Thursday.

Ramadan is likely to begin on Saturday, April 2, and will end on Sunday, May 1, according to Arabian weather, the first and largest Arabic site that provides information on weather forecasts.

The resolution also allows federal authorities to implement flexible working and remote work systems on Fridays during the Holy Month, in line with government decisions that regulate flexible and remote work for federal government employees, including on Friday. Moreover, the resolution offers the option to work from home on Fridays for 40 per cent of the total number of government employees.

The rules for working from home stipulate that both employees and their work should meet related requirements, and federal authorities should identify suitable jobs that can be done from home and organise appropriate tasks and duties for employees on Fridays approved by direct supervisors, in coordination with heads of departments and human resources departments.

The Shaban Moon Sighting 2022 weekly work system for the federal government will prioritise employees who live far from their workplaces or have specific conditions that make it hard for them to travel.

Meanwhile, the crescent of the Islamic month of Shaban has been sighted in Abu Dhabi on Thursday day marking the last day of Islamic month of Rajab.

Accordingly, Friday is the first day of Shaban, which means that Ramadan may fall on April 2 if Shaban is only 29, or on April 3 if it completes 30 days as per the Hijri Islamic calendar.

The Shaban crescent was sighted by Al Khatm Astronomy, an affiliate of the International Astronomical Centre.

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