A qualified crime scene investigator must be

  1. Able to make innovative on the spot decisions at the crime scene as to whether an item has potential evidentiary value
  2. able to process anything that is encountered at a crime scene
  3. able to memorize all of the different types of physical evidence that they may encounter at a crime scene
  4. able to return to the crime scene up to 72 hours later to obtain any evidence that was not collected initially

جرم کے منظر کے موقع پر ہونے والے فیصلوں پر ایک قابل جرائم منظر تفتیش کار جدید ہونا ضروری ہے ، چاہے وہ آئٹم کی ممکنہ شناختی قیمت ہو ،

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