Today BFIC Price to PKR 2023

Today BFIC Price to PKR 2023

Today 26th February 1 BFIC Price to PKR 2023: Currently, the value of one Best Fintech Investment Coin (BFIC) is PKR 5,613.30. This means that if you wanted to purchase 5 BFIC, it would cost you PKR 28,066.52. Conversely, if you had PKR 1.00, you could trade for 0.000178 BFIC, while PKR 50.00 would convert to 0.008907 BFIC (excluding platform or gas fees).

Over the last 7 days, the exchange rate has increased by 40.47%, indicating that the value of BFIC has gone up significantly. In the last 24 hours, the exchange rate has changed by 7.07%, with the highest exchange rate being 22.892255882548223 PKR for one BFIC and the lowest being 20.001427326456188 PKR for one BFIC.

Today BFIC Price to PKR 2023

If we compare it to this time last month, the value of one BFIC has increased by 23.49%, as it was PKR 4,545.73. However, if we look back a year, the value of BFIC has decreased by PKR 94.31, resulting in a 1.65% decline in its value over the past year.

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AmountToday at 3:50 pm
0.5 BFICPKR 2,956.98
1 BFICPKR 5913.96
5 BFICPKR 28,066.52
10 BFICPKR 56,133.05
50 BFICPKR 280,665.24
100 BFICPKR 561,330.48
500 BFICPKR 2,806,652.39
1,000 BFICPKR 5,613,304.79
Today BFIC Price to PKR 2023

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