UET Merit List 2021 Lahore, Peshawar and Taxila [Updated]

UET Merit List 2021 Lahore, Peshawar and Taxila [Updated]

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UET Merit List 2021 Lahore, Peshawar and Taxila [Updated] 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Informed you by PreparationPoint.info. UET Lahore Admission 2021 ECAT entry test result, Merit List and final selected candidates list check online here. Candidates who appeared in BS and MS programs entry test for Admission 2021, now they are waiting for the merit list announcement date. It is being told you that the merit list is going to be announced today. We provide UET Lahore and all sub campuses Kala Shah Kaku, Faisalabad, Rachna latest Merit List Fall and Spring Morning and Evening programs 2021.

You can view the merit lists of all BS and MS programs in University of Engineering and Technology UET Merit List 2021. Applicants who want to take admissions in Undergraduate or Postgraduate in University of Engineering and Technology Lahore and other campuses, stay connected here on this page. University of Engineering and Technology UET Merit List 2021 of Lahore has been dispatched here on this page on time. View online UET Merit List 2021 Selected candidates List 2021 sitting at home.

UET Merit List 2021 of Lahore

DisciplineCampusCategoryMinimum Aggregate
Biomedical EngineeringKSKA1-M85.8522727272727
Civil EngineeringLHRP84.6
Civil EngineeringNWLP84.36
Mechanical EngineeringLHRL82.2613636363636
Biomedical EngineeringNWLA1-M81.9431818181818
Biomedical EngineeringKSKA2-M81.7318181818182
Mechanical EngineeringLHRA181.6545454545455
Electrical EngineeringLHRL81.3454545454545
Computer EngineeringLHRA180.5204545454545
Computer ScienceLHRA180.4590909090909
Electrical EngineeringLHRA180.0840909090909
Civil EngineeringLHRA179.8977272727273
Software EngineeringKSKA179.6431818181818
Architectural EngineeringLHRA179.5590909090909
Chemical EngineeringLHRA179.4181818181818
Electrical EngineeringFSDP79.4
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringLHRA178.8681818181818
Petroleum & Gas EngineeringLHRA178.6409090909091
Environmental ScienceKSKA1-M78.425
Electrical EngineeringLHRR77.9113636363636
City & Regional PlanningLHRA177.6954545454545
Automotive EngineeringLHRA177.6931818181818
Electrical EngineeringLHRN77.45
Industrial & Manufacturing EngineeringLHRA177.175
Mechanical EngineeringKSKA177.0863636363636
Computer ScienceKSKA176.6636363636364
Mechanical EngineeringLHRO76.6204545454546
Environmental EngineeringLHRA176.5045454545455
Electrical EngineeringKSKA176.3545454545455
Environmental ScienceKSKA2-M76.3363636363636
Metallurgical & Materials EngineeringLHRA176.2659090909091
Software EngineeringKSKA276.0090909090909
Electrical EngineeringKSKP76
Software EngineeringKSKS75.8840909090909
Polymer EngineeringLHRNM75.7681818181818
Biomedical EngineeringKSKA175.7
Transportation EngineeringLHRA175.1136363636364
Civil EngineeringLHRN74.8863636363636
Chemical EngineeringKSKA174.6068181818182
Mechanical EngineeringLHRN74.4863636363636
Computer EngineeringLHRA274.225
Product & Industrial DesignLHRA174.1727272727273
Civil EngineeringNWLA174.0181818181818
Chemical EngineeringLHRI74.0161764705882
Electrical EngineeringLHRI73.9605633802817
Electrical EngineeringNWLI73.8947183098591
Computer ScienceLHRA273.7386363636364
Civil EngineeringLHRA273.6545454545455
Mechanical EngineeringRCETA173.4136363636364
Mechanical EngineeringLHRA273.3909090909091
Polymer EngineeringLHRA173.3431818181818
Mining EngineeringLHRA173.3090909090909
Geological EngineeringLHRA173.2272727272727
Electrical EngineeringLHRO73.1477272727273
Mechanical EngineeringLHRP73.12
Textile EngineeringFSDA173.025
Electrical EngineeringFSDA172.9568181818182
Civil EngineeringLHRI72.82
Mechanical EngineeringLHRI72.7996376811594
Electrical EngineeringKSKI72.7654929577465
Chemical EngineeringKSKI72.75
City & Regional PlanningLHRT72.7272727272727
Chemical EngineeringFSDA172.6068181818182
Mechanical EngineeringKSKI72.5394927536232
Electrical EngineeringLHRA272.4545454545455
Computer ScienceNWLA172.3886363636364
Architectural EngineeringLHRA272.3555555555556
Architectural EngineeringLHRI72.345
Automotive EngineeringLHRI72.2700704225352
Chemical EngineeringLHRA272.2681818181818
Environmental ScienceKSKI72.1003623188406
Transportation EngineeringLHRI71.9
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringLHRA271.8022727272727
Textile EngineeringFSDI71.6323529411765
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringLHRI71.5388059701493
Mechanical EngineeringNWLA171.5340909090909
Computer ScienceRCETA171.4840909090909
Industrial & Manufacturing EngineeringLHRI71.4626811594203
Electrical EngineeringFSDI71.3693661971831
Electrical EngineeringRCETI71.3496478873239
Chemical EngineeringFSDI70.8676470588235
Biomedical EngineeringKSKI70.8638888888889
Mechanical EngineeringRCETI70.7991765480896
Petroleum & Gas EngineeringLHRA270.6840909090909
Mechanical EngineeringNWLI70.6760869565217
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringLHRNM70.6704545454545
Computer EngineeringLHRI70.60625
Computer ScienceLHRI70.5694444444444
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringFSDA170.3
Industrial & Manufacturing EngineeringLHRA270.1590909090909
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringFSDI69.9532608695652
Electrical EngineeringRCETA169.9318181818182
Metallurgical & Materials EngineeringLHRI69.8905797101449
Industrial & Manufacturing EngineeringRCETI69.8611989459816
Product & Industrial DesignLHRI69.8385375494071
Electrical EngineeringNWLA169.7431818181818
Computer ScienceKSKA269.6636363636364
Environmental ScienceKSKA169.6545454545455
Computer ScienceKSKI69.6144927536232
Biomedical EngineeringNWLI69.55
City & Regional PlanningLHRN69.5181818181818
Mechanical EngineeringKSKA269.2386363636364
Biomedical EngineeringNWLA169.1386363636364
Polymer EngineeringLHRI69.0897058823529
Automotive EngineeringLHRA269.0159090909091
Environmental ScienceFSDI68.9789855072464
City & Regional PlanningLHRA268.725
Chemical EngineeringLHRN68.6916666666667
Computer ScienceNWLI68.69
Environmental EngineeringLHRA268.4977272727273
Mechanical EngineeringRCETA268.4590909090909
Electrical EngineeringKSKA268.3227272727273
Industrial & Manufacturing EngineeringRCETA167.6431818181818
Electrical EngineeringLHRP67.6
Electrical EngineeringKSKSI67.5669014084507
Petroleum & Gas EngineeringLHRN67.3818181818182
Metallurgical & Materials EngineeringLHRA267.1704545454545
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringFSDSI67.1202898550725
Biomedical EngineeringKSKA266.6659090909091
Environmental ScienceFSDA165.9522727272727
Polymer EngineeringLHRA265.7840909090909
Product & Industrial DesignLHRA265.4909090909091
Computer ScienceRCETA265.2386363636364
Electrical EngineeringRCETA265.2272727272727
Transportation EngineeringLHRA264.9454545454546
Electrical EngineeringFSDA264.925
Software EngineeringKSKNM64.8431818181818
Chemical EngineeringKSKA264.6909090909091
Industrial & Manufacturing EngineeringRCETA264.5045454545455
Geological EngineeringLHRA264.3727272727273
Mining EngineeringLHRA264.0194444444444
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringFSDA263.9272727272727
Environmental ScienceKSKA263.71818182
Metallurgical & Materials EngineeringLHRN63.625
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringLHRS63.5181818181818
Textile EngineeringFSDA262.4227272727273
Chemical EngineeringFSDA262.2227272727273
Mechanical EngineeringLHRS61.9068181818182
Environmental ScienceFSDA261.5295454545455
Petroleum & Gas EngineeringLHRS61.1613636363636
Architectural EngineeringLHRS61.0954545454545
Mechanical EngineeringKSKSI60.8923583662714
Electrical EngineeringFSDNM60.3409090909091
Civil EngineeringLHRS60.2636363636364
Mining EngineeringLHRI60.08
Computer EngineeringLHRNM60.0795454545455
Mining EngineeringLHRN59.5863636363636
Environmental ScienceFSDA1-M58.9227272727273
Chemical EngineeringFSDS58.6522727272727
Civil EngineeringLHRNM58.0931818181818
Metallurgical & Materials EngineeringLHRS57.9659090909091
Polymer EngineeringLHRS57.7295454545455
Petroleum & Gas EngineeringLHRSI57.6
Mechatronics & Control EngineeringFSDS56.8113636363636
Product & Industrial DesignLHRS56.6772727272727
Electrical EngineeringLHRS56.3727272727273
Mechanical EngineeringLHRNM56.3386363636364
Environmental EngineeringLHRS56.1840909090909
Product & Industrial DesignLHRNM56.1409090909091
Computer ScienceLHRNM55.6863636363636
Chemical EngineeringLHRS55.6045454545455
Electrical EngineeringRCETS55.2545454545455
Transportation EngineeringLHRS54.8931818181818
Geological EngineeringLHRS54.8613636363636
Electrical EngineeringFSDS54.6045454545455
Industrial & Manufacturing EngineeringLHRS54.3954545454545
Architectural EngineeringLHRNM52.5272727272727
Mechanical EngineeringRCETS52.1454545454545
Mechanical EngineeringKSKS51.7590909090909
Mechanical EngineeringNWLS51.6431818181818
Chemical EngineeringKSKS51.425
Electrical EngineeringLHRNM50.6909090909091
Civil EngineeringNWLS50.0136363636364
UET Merit List 2021

UET Lahore Merit List 2021 For Undergraduate

Check Merit List

In this article, the link of the UET 1st merit list is mentioned and students can easily see her name because if the student’s name cannot appear on the merit list then the management of this university is not allowed to the student for admission. So, if you want to make a part of this university then good marks are necessary for students in previous marks.

UET Lahore Merit List 2021 For Undergraduate 1st, 2nd, 3rd
UET Merit List 2021

UET Lahore 1st, 2nd, 3rd Merit List 2021

UET Lahore has announced the 1st merit list and those candidates who have appeared in the entry test now can check the name. On the other hand, they will announce the 2nd merit list in the mid of November 2021. Furthermore, the University of Engineering and Technology will announce the 3rd merit list, and those students who will not appear in the 1st and 2nd merit lists they would check their 3rd merit list. This will be the last merit list and after this date, no merit list will announce by them.

If you also want to know about the final merit details of this UET Lahore 1st Merit List Undergraduate BSc Engineering Online then you can also get to know about those merit list details from the site of UET. You can also stay tuned with us on a daily basis on this page, we will be letting you know that when UET will be issuing its merit list details of UET Lahore Merit List 2021 For Undergraduate 1st, 2nd, 3rd. If you have passed this test then do let us know too, this web page is congratulating all the passing students who have cleared this UET test 2021.

Merit List Will be displayed on UET Admission Portal and Outside the UET Administration Office.The expected time for display of Merit List is Evening.

UET Merit List 2021 announced 1st Merit List session 2021 UET Lahore Entry Test Result 2020 is blazoned by officers and now all the scholars are looking for the UET Lahore Merit List 2021 For Undergraduate. As we know that this UET ECAT test 2021 took place on 16th July 2021, they blazoned their result of the UET ECAT test 2021. If you have appeared for this ECAT test and you want to know about your result also make sure that you do check out the point of UET for UET Lahore 1st Merit List 2021.

Right at the UET point, you just have to enter your roll number and your CNIC details, this is each after this information will be entered also you’ll get to know about your registration information. UET Merit List 2021 was established in 1921 in Mughalpura. In 1923, its name was changed to Maclagan Engineering College to recognize Sir Edward Maclagan, who laid the foundation gravestone of this council.

In 1932, UET Merit List 2021 came combined with the University of Punjab, in 1954 it started its bachelorette’s degree program in Mining Engineering. In the 1960s, it started its bachelorette’s degree courses in Chemical Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering and Architecture, and also Regional Planning. In the 1970s

UET Lahore started offering master’s degree courses. We’re just then to give you this important news that if you have sat for this UET Lahore first Merit List 2021 Undergraduate and you were staying for its merit List also it’s to be notified to you that this UET Lahore 1st Merit List is all then now, it has now been blazoned. Just make a visit to the point of UET Merit List 2021, make an entry of your roll number and CNIC detail, and also right down get to know that how numerous marks you have scored in this engineering test 2021.

UET Merit List 2021 Undergraduate Admission has been announced to View Merit List check here entry following information:

Entry Test Roll No

Date of Birth

CNIC And click login button to see Merit List

UET Merit List 2021

University of Engineering and Technology UET Peshawar Merit list 2021 is announced today September 23, 2021. Separate merit lists are announced for Engineering and Non-Engineering programs. The first merit list of non-engineering programs was announced on September 19, 2021.

UET Merit List 2021 of Peshawar has extended the deadline for admission application for Undergraduate programs. The last date for BSc Engineering is extended up to September 16, 2021. Candidates’ data will be displayed for Correction on September 17. Candidates can also submit the application for a change of preference till September 18, 2021.

UET Peshawar Merit List 2021

UET Peshawar has announced the merit list for engineering programs for session 2021. You can check your merit at PreparationPoint.info by entering your roll number. The UET Merit List 2021 issued is provisional. 

UET Peshawar Schedule for Merit list 2021

  • Last date: September 16, 2021
  • Display of Candidates data for Correction: 17-18 September 2021
  • Display of 1st Merit List (Open, Non-Subsidized): 23-09-2021
  • Admission/Interview of First Merit list: 24-25 September 2021
  • Display of 2nd Merit List: 26-09-2021
  • Admission/Interview of 2nd Merit list: 27-28 September 2021
  • Admission/Interview of 1st non-subsidized: 29-09-2021
  • Display of 2nd Non-subsidized List: 30-09-2021
  • Display of 1st Merit list for Non-Engineering Programs: 19-09-2021
  • Display of 2nd Merit list for Non-Engineering programs: 27-09-2021
UET Merit List 2021 with Fee Structure

UET Peshawar Merit List 2021

We are hoping that you also have attempted the ETEA ECAT test of 7th July and you also have passed this test. Now you are going to analyzed through the UET Merit List 2021 of Peshawar admission criteria according to which your marks in intermediate and the percentage you have obtained in the ETEA test will be calculated through a merit calculating formula. If you obtained enough marks will meet the final merit then your name will be entertained into the University of engineering and technology Peshawar merit list 2021, otherwise, you will be rejected to proceed with this intake.

UET Peshawar Undergraduate Merit List 2019
UET Merit List 2021

UET Merit List 2021 of Peshawar Open (1st):

1st Merit List

We will upload very soon the UET Peshawar 1st and the open merit list 2021 will be displayed as soon. While the 2nd and 3rd merit lists will be displayed afterward for the remaining students. Currently, the list is not available here because it is not announced by the officials. Only the university has the authority to announce the lists of qualified and selected students. If your name is not on this list then you don’t need to worry because this university will also announce the second and third lists shortly. Just stay in tune with this page because soon we are coming back with the list of selected candidates who are now going to submit their fees for finalizing their admissions.

UET Peshawar 2nd Merit List 2021

UET Peshawer 2nd Merit List 2021 is still under process because 1st has release and 2nd will declare as soon, on the other hand, people can check the 1st merit from this page, and when 2nd release then we will share it on this page.

UET Peshawar 3rd Open Merit List 2021

UET Peshawar’s 3rd Open Merit List will announce in the last week of October while when the merit list will issue then we will share it on this page.

UET Peshawar Non-Subsidized Merit List 2021:

Non-subsidized seats are available for the students of other provinces such as Punjab, Sindh, or another province. If you are holding a domicile other than KPK, then you will apply for non-subsidized seats. Such students will pay Rs. 200 in UBL bank and their names will be displayed on the UET Merit List 2021 of Peshawar Non-Subsidized Merit List. You have to stay in tune with this page and read out the following schedule for more information because as soon as the selected candidate’s lists for BSc engineering admissions are announced will be uploaded here.

UET Taxila Merit List 2021

Click Here

Students if you are among those students who wanted to take admission in the UET Merit List 2021 of Taxila this year as you have completed your Intermediate level education this year in FSc Pre Engineering then the admission in the engineering programs is now open. You have to submit the admission form to the management office and there you will be able to get an admit card for the Entry test.

This Pre-admission entry test will decide that either you are able to get admission to that university or not because only if your name will come in the merit list only then your name will be allowed for admission and UET Merit List 2021 of Taxila Engineering Merit List is being prepared from the entry test result and your marks obtain in the Matric class so stay in touch with this page for more updates.

UET Taxila Engineering Merit List 2020 1st, 2nd, 3rd
UET Merit List 2021

UET Texila Engineering 1st Merit List 2021:

Firstly they will announce the UET Texila Engineering 1st merit list 2021 and all the students who appeared in the test will check the merit list from this page. On the other hand, if your name does not come in the 1st merit list then you will wait for the 2nd and 3rd merit lists.

UET Texila Engineering 2nd Merit List 2021:

UET Texila Engineering 2nd merit list 2021 date has not been issued by the official. If you have appeared on the test and looking at the merit list then wait for a few days. When the 2nd merit list will issue then upload it on this page for the facilitation of the Students.

UET Texila Engineering 3rd Merit List 2021:

UET Texila Engineering 3rd merit list 2021 release after 1st and 2nd merit list. This will the last merit list because they will not announce the 4th merit list So if your name will come in the 3rd merit list then your admission will finalize while in another case you will be out from this race.

Well, Students, the UET Merit List 2021 for the Engineering admission will be uploaded to this page as soon as the official will declare it as there is another educational website of Pakistan are also there that would provide you that but are you sure that the data provided by that universities are authentic or not that is why candidates we did not want to waste your any more time here and there and will provide you the complete UET Taxila Engineering Merit List 1st, 2nd, 3rd but for this, you have to stay in touch with this page so that as it will be declared you will be the first person that would be able to get it so the decision is still yours that you want to get UET Taxila Merit List from this page or wanted to waste your time and money.

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