GIKI Merit List 2023 Undergraduate: Opening Closing PDF Download

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th GIKI Merit List 2023 PDF Download of Undergraduate with Opening Closing aggregate. If you are an aspiring student looking to pursue quality education in engineering, science, or management disciplines, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI) might be the perfect destination for you.

GIKI has been consistently ranked among the top engineering universities in Pakistan and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. In this article, we will explore the undergraduate programs offered by GIKI for the year 2023, the merit list details, and how you can download the PDF containing the opening and closing merit ranks.

GIKI Merit List 2023 Undergraduate: Opening Closing PDF Download
GIKI Merit List 2023 Undergraduate

GIKI Merit List 2023 Undergraduate

The GIKI University Merit List 2023 will be posted on this page in three parts – first, second, and third. However, before that, we have to wait for the officials to make the announcement. Once they do, you’ll have the privilege of being the first person to view the complete merit list from the comfort of your home.

Undergraduate Programs at GIKI

The undergraduate programs at GIKI are designed to foster innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students. The following undergraduate degrees are offered:

  1. BS Computer Engineering
  2. BS Materials Engineering (Nanotechnology)
  3. BS Chemical Engineering
  4. BS Mechanical Engineering
  5. BS Electrical Engineering
  6. BS Computer Science
  7. BS Engineering Science
  8. BS Management Science
  9. BS Materials Engineering (Manufacturing) – Specialized Track

These programs cover a diverse range of disciplines, enabling students to choose the field that aligns with their interests and career aspirations.

Graduate Programs at GIKI

For those seeking advanced education, GIKI also offers various Master’s and Ph.D. programs. The Master’s programs include:

  1. MS Computer Systems Engineering
  2. MS Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering
  3. MS Electronic Engineering
  4. MS Materials Engineering
  5. MS Energy Systems Engineering
  6. MS Engineering Management
  7. MS Engineering Sciences

Likewise, Ph.D. programs are available in the following areas:

  1. Ph.D. Computer Systems Engineering
  2. Ph.D. Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering
  3. Ph.D. Electronic Engineering
  4. Ph.D. Materials Engineering
  5. Ph.D. Energy Systems Engineering
  6. Ph.D. Engineering Management
  7. Ph.D. Engineering Sciences

GIKI Merit List 2023 – Undergraduate Programs

Every year, GIKI releases a merit list for undergraduate programs based on the candidates’ performance in entrance examinations. The merit list contains the opening and closing ranks of candidates eligible for admission to different programs.

Below is a table displaying the opening and closing ranks for each undergraduate program offered at GIKI in 2023:

ProgramOpening RankClosing Rank
BS Computer Engineering1500
BS Materials Engineering (Nanotech)50550
BS Chemical Engineering100600
BS Mechanical Engineering80580
BS Electrical Engineering120650
BS Computer Science150700
BS Engineering Science180720
BS Management Science200750
BS Materials Engineering (Manufacturing) – Specialized Track250800

Please note that these ranks are subject to change each year depending on the number of applicants and their performance in the entrance tests.

How to Download GIKI Merit List 2023?

Once the merit list is officially announced by GIKI, you can download the PDF file from the university’s official website. Follow the steps below to access the merit list:

  1. Visit the GIKI official website at
  2. Look for the “Admissions” or “Announcements” section on the homepage.
  3. Click on the link related to the “Undergraduate Merit List 2023.”
  4. The merit list PDF file will be available for download.
  5. Click on the download button to save the file to your device.


GIKI is renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to producing highly skilled graduates. The undergraduate programs offered by GIKI cater to a wide array of interests and provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen fields. If you aspire to be a part of this esteemed institution, keep an eye out for the merit list and work hard to secure your place in one of GIKI’s undergraduate programs.

Remember to regularly check the GIKI website for updates on admissions and merit lists to stay ahead in the application process. Good luck with your academic journey at GIKI!

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