Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan for the shortest time period?

  1. I.I.Chundrigar
  2. Nurul Amin
  3. M.Feroz Khan Noon
  4. M.Ali Bogra

Nurul Amin was the shortest in Pakistan’s history, serving only 13 days (7 December 1971 to 20 December 1971) of his term. Nurul Amin  was a prominent Pakistani leader, and a jurist who served as Prime Minister of Pakistan and only Vice President of Pakistan.The premiership of I. I. Chundrigar was serving only 55 days (17 October 1957 to 16 December 1957) of his term.

At approximately five years and four months in total, Sharif is the longest-serving prime minister. Sharif was re-elected for a third non-consecutive term on 5 June 2013, which is a record in the history of Pakistan.

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