What is the adulthood age according to Pakistani law?

What is the adulthood age according to Pakistani law?
  • 15 years
  • 16 years
  • 17 years
  • 18 years

Under the Majority Act of 1875, “every person domiciled in Pakistan is deemed to have attained his majority when he shall complete his age of 18 years and not before”. However, the provisions of the Majority Act are not binding on other laws. A child under 18 years cannot vote, cannot file a lawsuit and cannot enter into any contract. There is no bar to his seeking medical consultation without parental consent, but in view of family life in Pakistan evidence is not available on legal or medical counselling sought by children themselves. A child cannot contract marriage below the age of 16 years for females and 18 years for males. Premarital/extramarital sex is prohibited; therefore, the question of sexual consent does not arise. A child under 18 years of age also cannot enlist in the armed forces. Besides, no child under the age of 14 years can be employed in any formal sector.

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