15 Shaban Date in Pakistan 2023: Shab e Barat, Namaz, Nawafil

15 Shaban Date in Pakistan 2023

15 Shaban Date in Pakistan 2023: Shab E Barat, Namaz, Nawafil – Shaban is the eighth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and holds great significance for the Muslim community. The 15th night of Shaban, known as the “Night of Barat” is considered to be one of the holiest nights in Islam. In this article, we will delve into the importance of the 15th Shaban(Shabe Barat 2023) and its observance in Pakistan.

Importance of 15th Shaban in Islam:

The 15th night of Shaban is believed to be the night when Allah forgives the sins of his followers and decides the fate of all living beings for the coming year. Muslims observe this night with fasting, prayer, and special congregational prayers known as “Tarawih.”

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15 Shaban Date in Pakistan 2023

EventShab e Barat
DateOn the evening of 07 Mar 23
Hijri Date15 Shaban 1444 AH
Shabe Barat 2023

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Observances in Pakistan 2023:

In Pakistan, the 15th Shaban is celebrated with great reverence and devotion. Mosques and homes are decorated, and special food items are prepared to mark the occasion. People participate in congregational prayers, and some even spend the entire night in worship.

Popular Observances on 15th Shaban in Pakistan

FastingMuslims fast from dawn to dusk on this day to seek forgiveness for their sins
Tarawih PrayersSpecial congregational prayers are held in mosques to mark the occasion
CharityPeople engage in acts of charity, such as giving food to the poor, to seek blessings from Allah
Decorating Mosques & HomesMosques and homes are decorated with lights and flowers to mark the occasion
Special Food ItemsSpecial food items, such as sweet dishes and meat dishes, are prepared to mark the occasion
Shabe Barat 2023

Shab e Barat Nawafil after Namaz

Shab-e-Barat, also known as the “Night of Barat,” is the 15th night of the Islamic month of Shaban. It is a highly revered occasion among Muslims and is considered to be a night of blessings, forgiveness, and salvation. In this article, we will focus on the Shabe Barat 2023 Nawafil performed after Maghrib (evening) prayer in Pakistan.

Nawafil Prayers:

After the Maghrib prayer, many Muslims in Pakistan perform extra prayers known as Nawafil to seek blessings from Allah. These prayers consist of reciting the Holy Quran, offering supplications, and asking for forgiveness.

Muslim offers 6 Rakaat Shab e Barat Nawafil prayers (2+2+2), after Maghrib

Shab e Barat ki Namaz Ka Tarika

Shab e Barat ki Namaz Ka Tarika

Shab e Barat ki Namaz kitni Rakat hoti hai

Niyat karta hum mein (jitni rakat ap prhna chah rhe hun, for example niyyat krta/krti hun me 2 rakat) rakat namaz nafal, waqt (jo bhi ho kahiye), waaste Allah ke, muh mera kaaba sharif ki taraf.

Importance of Nawafil:

Nawafil prayers are performed to earn extra blessings and rewards from Allah. On the night of Shab-e-Barat, the importance of these prayers is even greater as it is believed that Allah listens to the prayers of his followers with more attentiveness on this night.


The 15th Shaban holds great religious and cultural significance for the Muslim community in Pakistan. It is a time of reflection, repentance, and renewal, and is observed with fasting, prayer, and acts of charity. May Allah bless us all and grant us forgiveness on this holy night.

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